The Master of ArmsMature

As the two warriors, Aria and Musashi, readied themselves for combat, a warrior monk, acting as referee, stepped forward. "The fight ends when first blood is drawn, a combatant is knocked out, or a combatant yields. Ready?"

Aria smirked. "Of course I am." Musashi only nodded.


Musashi charged forward, and got Aria immediately on the defensive. It took everything Aria had to dodge, block and parry each attack Musashi made, whose attacks were perfect in execution and precision, and left absolutely no opening for Aria to exploit. Finally, Musashi slashed and disarmed Aria, but instead of yielding, Aria grabbed him by the collar and delivered a headbutt, dazing him long enough for Aria to retrieve her sword and attack.

Musashi blocked, but Aria delivered a roundhouse kick to his face, sending him backward, and Aria was about to deliver a downward strike with her blade when he lunged, cutting Aria's cheek and she started bleeding.

"Match! Musashi wins!" The monk called, and Aria fell to her knees, sulking.

"I... lost... the rebellion fails before it even begins..." Aria muttered to herself.

"On the contrary," Musashi answered, "You have great potential and enough skill to actually land a blow against me. I can tell you this: you are the first challenger to ever accomplish this. I will consider your request, but I want you to train and fight me again within a weeks time. Focus on your strengths, improve on your weaknesses. Become stronger, not just as a warrior, but as a person. Transcend yourself as you are... that is the way of the monks of Mount Kaija."

Aria looked up at him, and, inspired by his words, smiled and stood up. "Thank you. Still, if I am to be able to defeat you within a week, I must have a partner."

"And I know just the person," Musashi answered. "A wild woman lives on this mountain. Shindou Mikiko."

The End

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