Entering NihonMature

The group continued on their way, until they finally exited the Urocubus Caverns. Aria gave a little laugh. "See? I told you we'd get here in no time."

"I thought we agreed that you'd never say stuff like that again." Scathe answered.

"Okay, it wasn't a good thing to say when we were in the caves, but what could possibly happen while we are here?" Aria asked.

"Cypher could have figured out where we are headed and positioned guards near the entrances to Nihon." Scathe responded.

"You know, ever since I left the palace in search for an army, all I've had is trouble." Zoraan cut in. "I think we can handle whatever Cypher sends our way, as long as none of us play the hero again." He glared at Aria when saying this.

"Are you saying that what I did was wrong back there?"

"You're reckless, headstrong, and you do things without thinking."

"And just what would you have done? Let that little girl die? I'm sorry, but I already have my brother's blood on my hands... I don't need to watch someone else get killed by your brother's thugs." Aria answered icily.

"Quiet, both of you," Scathe interrupted. "There can be no infighting within our rebellion, or else it will fail before it even gets off the ground."

Aria and Zoraan were silent, glaring and one another for a few seconds, then Zoraan bowed his head. "I'm sorry... I'm just upset because of what happened back in that cave... my coat... was a gift from my sister Celeste."

"The former queen?" Aria asked. "What happened to her anyway?"

"I don't know... but when she vanished, my younger brother took the throne because I declined to take it. The council approved of this and are basically in Shadis's pocket. I don't know what hold he has on them, but it makes me sick." Zoraan answered.

"Well, when we storm Castle Ixion, we'll make an effort to find out what happened to the queen... and if possible, put her back on the throne if we can."

"Let's go." Scathe admonished.

And Aria, Zoraan, and Scathe entered the eastern kingdom of Nihon, a land of tradition and honor. Aria's goal was twofold: find the warrior monks on Mount Kaija, and have the beginnings of an army, and find Mikiko, and recruit her to their cause.

The End

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