The UrocubusMature

The three of them wandered in the darkness, searching for a way out. The light of Scathe's spell kept a good number of threats away, as many of them disliked the light, and shied away from it.

"I have a question," Zoraan asked aloud. "If the Urocubus is supposed to be a giant, eyeless serpent, then how does it find its way around the caves? I mean, wouldn't it bump into things and basically starve?"

"An Urocubus detects its prey by sensing its body heat... and they can survive on very little if they go into hibernation frequently. Let's just hope we don't run into one." Scathe answered.

"From what has happened to us so far, I'm going to say that seems unlikely." Zoraan responded.

"Oh, don't be such a pessimist," Aria cut in. "We'll get out of here and recruit the monks to our cause. We'll have our army in no time."

Suddenly a roar echoed throughout the entire cavern, so loud and sharp it froze the blood in both Aria and Zoraan. Scathe shook his head. "Aria, from now on please refrain from saying things like that."

"If we survive this." Aria answered.

A giant, armored serpent with no eyes loomed over them, its mouth dripping with venom and acid. Gigantic fins on the side of its head moved up and down, as if filtering the air. But definitely its worse characteristic was the lack of eyes... those hollow sockets staring blindly right at them.

"Well, I'll never sleep again." Zoraan commented, trying to ease the situation with a little humor. Aria just rolled her eyes.

Scathe pulled out two sticks. "Could the two of you distract it? I need to light a fire."

"Can't you just cast a fire spell?" Zoraan shouted, moving to the side, the Urocubus's head moving along with his movements.

"No, I'm a warmage, and thus cannot use spells such as that." Scathe responded calmly, despite the giant snake looming over them.

"Just hurry!" Aria yelled. The Urocubus lunged towards her, and Aria jumped out of the way.

Zoraan took his spear and threw it at the Urocubus, but it simply bounced off harmlessly. But the Urocubus turned towards him and spat at him. The acid burned quickly through his coat, but he got it off in time. 'That... was my favorite coat."

Aria stabbed the Urocubus with her sword, and unlike Zoraan's spear, it cut through its hide with ease. Violet blood spewed out of the wound, splattering her in the face. "Okay, eww."

The Urocubus screeched, sounding like a sharp knife along a chalkboard. Aria covered her ears, and was smacked into the cave wall by the Urocubus's tail. It slithered over her prone form and was about to dig into her with its fangs when a flaming stick hit its right fin, making it screech and in pain and anger. It slammed into the cave walls blindly, until finally it slithered away, unable to stand the heat. Aria recovered from her stunned state and Zoraan recovered what was left of his coat.

"This... was my favorite coat. It was a gift from my sister." Zoraan kept mumbling.

"What took you so long, old man?" Aria asked.

"Hey, be a little nicer. This is the second time I've saved your scrawny ass." Scathe answered.

Aria stood up and wiped the Urocubus's blood off her face. "Let's just get out of here."

"Could not agree with you more." Scathe responded, leading the way.

Aria followed close behind and Zoraan followed after her, having recovered his spear. However, he still kept mumbling "This was my favorite coat," the entire time.

The End

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