Into the CavernsMature

While Aria had not fully recovered, she insisted on pressing on ahead, despite Scathe's protests of her sitting still so they can properly treat her wounds. Regardless, they made their way through the forest until they stood before the mouth of the Urocubus Caverns.

Zoraan blinked. "Why do they call these the Urocubus Caverns?" He asked.

"Ever hear of a creature called the Urocubus?" Scathe answered the question with a question.

"No. What exactly is it?"

"The stuff of nightmares," Scathe responded. "The Urocubus is a gigantic, eyeless serpent that thrives in the dark and the cold. They grow up to 30 feet in length, though there has been a documented sighting of one of over 70 feet. Their mouths drip with acid and venom, and in the darkness they are the most dangerous monster the land of Avalon has to offer. They're known to many people as 'the Dragonslayer', as many a dragon has fallen to their fangs."

Aria shuddered. Whether from the poison or from the story is anyone's guess. "And we're going through a place NAMED after them? If I'd known what these things were, I would have taken those three days in the stocks and the confiscation of my sword."

"I'd have preferred to avoid this place as well... and there are other things in these caverns besides Urocubi. Granted, none of them are quite as nasty, but they're still nasty: giant spiders, animated skeletons, blightwolves, werewolves (though those are quite rare), and the occasional bear. Though they are all merely food for the Urocubi."

"Gee, thanks for the comforting speech." Zoraan answered.

"Well," Aria finally said, "it's either go in there and face uncertain death... or stay here, get caught by Cypher, and face certain death. If it's all the same to you guys, I think we have better odds in the caves."

Zoraan was about to protest, but then just shrugged and responded. "Yeah, you're right."

"Let's go." Scathe responded. And with that, the three of them went into the cavern.


About an hour later, Cypher and band of royal scouts tracked the heroes to the entrance to the Urocubus Caverns.The scouts looked at the ground and nodded to Baron Cypher. "They went in there, sir."

Cypher smiled. "Blow the entrance. We'll make sure they can't come back this way."

The scouts saluted. "Yes, sir!"


The explosion shook the foundation of the cave, and all three of the heroes felt it and heard it. Zoraan sighed, exasperated. "Great, now we can't go back the way we came."

Aria shook her head. "Why in hell would we come back here after we get through the other side?"

"...good point." Zoraan responded. Though, in the back of his mind, he was cursing at himself.

"So, now we have but one choice." Scathe's voice cut into the darkness just as much as the light spell he cast, illuminating the caverns. "We must go forward."

The End

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