The Sword of Heroes, RaptureMature

Aria packed together some essentials: bread, some cheese, a change of clothes, some rope, needle and thread. She was about to put her rusted and old sword onto her belt when Scathe stopped her.

"That sword will do you no good on this adventure. You will need a new one."

"And where am I to find one? It's not like they grow on trees around here or anything." Aria responded.

She swore Scathe smiled beneath that cloak of his, and he walked over to a small case. He knelt down and lifted it up with reverence, and both Aria and Zoraan raised an eyebrow at this behavior. Then he knelt before Aria and opened the case.

Inside was the most beautiful sword Aria (or Zoraan, for that matter) ever laid eyes on. The blade was forged from a mixture of steel and silver, the blade was curved and sharp enough to cut a dragon's hide, yet the point of the blade was also formidable, capable of piercing practically any defense raised against it. The handle was ebony black consisted of a handguard to protect the sword hand, yet not so constricting as to restrict movement in combat. A lovely ruby sat in the center of the handle, glistening like a red star. At the end of the pommel was a lovely tassel, probably added on as decoration.

Aria stood in silence for a few moments, her mouth opened wide, then she lifted the blade out and swung it through the air, listening to the sound it made. It practically sliced through the wind, and Aria smiled. "It's perfection, Scathe. Why haven't you shared this with me before now?"

"Because I needed to wait for you to be ready to wield that blade. That sword was the blade used by the knight in black armor that opposed the Lord of Darkness. It was that very blade that destroyed him... well, before the Dark Lord took possession of the knight's body. It is a work of art, a piece of history, and an instrument of both death and salvation. It should not be taken lightly." Scathe answered. Aria looked at the blade, and having learned who had used it before her, it made her feel honored to be granted it as her weapon. She nodded.

"I understand. I will treat it with the respect it deserves." Aria said, then turned to Zoraan. "Well, is everyone ready?"

"Yes, but where are we going?" Zoraan asked.

"East," Scathe answered. "Where the warrior monks reside. A good number of them dislike Prince Shadis' policies, but they will be difficult to win over. And once Shadis hears of our quest, he will do everything he can to stop us."

"Let him try." Aria said darkly. "I've been waiting for this moment for twelve years now."

The End

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