Prince ZoraanMature

Scathe took care of Aria, nursed her back to health, trained her. For 12 years the memories that haunted her gave her the drive to move on. Gave her the strength to face the next day. Until at last the day came when Scathe received a strange visitor.

Prince Zoraan Koles, one of the three Koles siblings and brother to Prince Shadis.

His hair was dirty blond, and he wore a black coat with a red sash holding it together. He wore gauntlets and carried a lance, using it almost like a walking stick. He greeted Scathe with a bow, while Aria watched from the shadows.

"Scathe, I need your help. My brother is out of control. I've tried to reason with him, but he keeps telling me what he is doing is in the interest of the people. He offers no explanation, no reason for his actions. And each year his list of crimes grows longer: child labor, poverty, hunger, disease, closing down the schools... it has to stop." Zoraan pleaded.

"I see. So what is it that you want me to do about it? I'm just an old man." Scathe answered.

"No, you are a sorcerer, once in service to the royal family. You were one of the mages that sealed away the Lord of Darkness. Surely you can stop my brother."

Aria's ears perked up a bit at this, but she nonetheless kept her silence.

"I was a younger man then, and my power has dwindled over the years. What you talk of is a revolution. And I honestly have little motivation to lead this rebellion." Scathe responded.


"However," Scathe continued. "I do know someone who has more than full reason to lead your attack. Aria, you can come out now."

Aria cursed under her breath. Of course Scathe knew she was there the entire time. Aria stepped out of the darkness, clothed in tattered rags for a dress. Her feet were bare and her hair was as white as the freshly fallen snow. Her eyes were white as well, which gave her an almost ghostly, but nonetheless beautiful appearance. She gave a little curtsey and then stood tall before Prince Zoraan and Scathe Harmastier.

"This is my student. She knows little in the ways of magic, true, but she is an incredibly skilled swordswoman. And she has a personal reason as to see your brother fall." Scathe told Zoraan, as Aria stepped closer to him.

"As much as I would love to lead this charge... Why should I trust you?" Aria asked Zoraan. "Why should I join up with Shadis' kin?"

"Because we both know how rotten he is. Someone needs to save this country. And I also don't know if I can trust you either. Yet trust each other we must if we are going to do something about Shadis and his bodyguards."

Aria thought for a moment and sighed. "You have a point there. I'll lead the way, but I can't do this without allies."

"Then count me among your first." Scathe responded. "I may not be as powerful as before, but I am still more than capable of helping you in battle."

"Alright, old man." Aria responded playfully. "Just make sure you don't bust a hip."

The End

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