Legend of the White RoseMature

Set in a steampunk world, a revolution has begun. The dark prince Shadis has oppressed his people, taking the throne from it's rightful heir after the disappearance of the eldest sibling, Queen Celeste. Now it is up to six heroes to restore the kingdom... and defeat a threat far worse than Shadis.

Once upon a time, the Kingdom of Ixion was a happy place. Children ran through the streets, laughter rang through the air, and everyone lived life to the fullest, enjoying everyone's company.

Unfortunately, this did not last. For from the north rose the Black Citadel, home to the Lord of Darkness, a being of frightful and terrible power. One by one, the villages under Ixion's rule fell to the Dark Lord's armies, until finally, all that remained was Ixion itself.

But a knight in black armor rose to challenge this Dark Lord. The two faced each other in combat, but in the end, it was the Lord of Darkness who was felled. But at a terrible price. With his dying breath, the Dark Lord took over the knight's body, purging his soul... but he had grown too weak from the endeavor, and was sealed away with ancient and powerful magic.

Even now, five years after the Lord of Darkness fell, his shadow is still cast upon Ixion. And now a new threat arises... this time from within the kingdom itself.

However, not all hope is lost. For it is said that a maiden with snow white hair would come and defeat the evils that haunt Ixion once and for all. This is her story... The Legend of the White Rose.

The End

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