Legend of the Moon Princess

Tilly, just a ordinary girl... until she(and her armchair) are transported to the edo period in Japan...Tsukiko Hime-Sama

I sat my school desk, staring at the primary school kids as they skipped along the pavement or rushed around on their scooters recklessly. Sighing at how nostalgic it was, I turned back to our teacher who was going on about something to do with "loving horses", in french of course. Because aside from Spanish and Latin, that's the only language we learn here.

'Tilly, can you hand out--'

The bell rang loudly, cutting off the teachers feeble attempt at getting us to learn thing. I smiled and stood up quickly, shoving my pencil case and planner into my bag.

'Off you go then...' He mumbled in defeat, I slung my bag over my shoulder and tried to exit the classroom quickly before he could get me to tidy up or something of the sorts.

So this is me, Tilly Robinson, an average year eight student. I'm sort, and often called mini-me, and I'm not exactly on the top skinniest girls in school list, but then again, I'm not on the fattest either. Of course, there's my bleached white-blonde hair often in a messy, half hearted updo and make up hiding the freckles that are scattered over my face.  and still, despite my efforts to look nice, I've never had a boyfriend.

This fact is often made note of by my two elder and younger brothers, the two older are twins, Eric and Edward. My younger brother is called Joe, and has a annoying habit of taking the TV remote upstairs with him to the toilet so I can't change the channel from power rangers. Now I don't watch the TV, for the fear that if I touch the remote I'd get something nasty on my hands.

'I'm home.' I yelled, I heard a creak from my bedroom door, 'Joe!! Get the hell out of my room!'

'I wasn't in your room! I was simply admiring the paintwork from the door!!' Was his childish response, I glared at him as he appeared at the top of the stairs, sticking his tongue out at me.

'You little...' I roared as he flashed a item of clothing I'd rather not name, 'you little pervert! Wait! No! DON'T THROW IT OUT OF THE WINDOW!!!'

I dashed up the stairs and grabbed the offending item before it could float from the upstairs window, I pulled on Joe's ear.

'Owww!! It's not like I'm doing anything wrong! Were not actual siblings! Your an alien from outer space!!!' He yelped as I chased him down the stairs, raising my fists.

'You little freak!' I huffed, turning on my heel and storming away. Joe paused and I took the chance to jump back and wrestle him to the floor. Eric walked into the kitchen, eyebrows raised, he just glanced at me before turning around and walking back outside.

'Stop fighting, idiots.' Edward walked in, probably an order from Eric, and pulled us apart. Eric walked in and took Joe from Edward, he stood there, panting, glaring at eachother.

'Edward! She attacked me!'

'Eric! He stole my...' I blushed and snatched my arms back, storming upstairs. I heard the three of them laughing loudly, obviously Joe had told them what happened.

Grunting, I put the stolen item back into my chest of draws. I changed out of my now-sweaty uniform and, for some reason, into my pyjama's. Pulling on my dressing-gown, I flopped back into my lurid pink armchair, my pride and joy. I'd had it since I was only seven.

I picked up my iPod and decided it was time for some studying... with the app store, grinning evilly, I downloaded, the translator app. Now getting praise in class was going to get muuuuuuuch easier...

I felt my eyelids get heavier and heavier, I felt my iPod slip into my dressing gown pocket and I fell asleep.

'Nani kore?!'

'Kanojo wa gaikoku-jindesu!'


'Ie... nani... oohhh... Kanojo wa Tsukiko Hime-Sama!'





I opened my eyes, everything was blurry, I sensed people around me and rubbed my eyes, 'Edward... is that you?'

'Kanojo ga nani o itte iru?'

'Are you speaking Chinese? Duuuude... stop trying to confuse me...' I sighed, snuggling into my chair before snapping to realisation, these people weren't...






The End

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