Prologue Part 5

A child approached the door of the king's quarters from the outside. He heard the clashes of swords, the castings of magic, the thump of shields, and the grunts of men. The child look through the keyhole to see all of the king's men down on the floor. Blood was dripping from their armor and their weapons. The king was clutching the wound he had on his hip. "Y-y-y-you whoresons, I'll make sure you are hunted for the rest of your days," he spat blood on them. The rogue knelt down and slit his through. "Now the old king is dead, " said the rogue, "long live the king". They looked back as they heard the little boy picking up one of the swords of the dead men lying on the floor. The mage approached him and gave him a pat on the head. He was just afraid. He didn't know any better, so he fainted in front of them.

The townsfolk walk to the castle gates. They look at the enigmatic knights leaving their king to hang on a cross. The crowd starts to cheer as their heroes walk down as they arrived; with their heads held high and their stride strong. One man asked them, "Who are you?" and the leader answered, "We heard the call, so we answered".  They walked away from the village and over the hills, never to be seen again... until the world needs them.

The End

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