Prologue Part 4

 As the leader stepped up to the spears being pointed at them, he began to look up at the ceiling windows. He noticed the light reflecting on the bronze tip of the spear just a few centimetres way from his face. He took his helm off, revealing the face of a middle aged man with glowing, blue markings on his face. His hair was white as snow, and he had the scars of many battles alon his neck. 

  "We are here to serve justice, stand down or face the wrath of the gods," he said. "The gods, you think I am going to bow down to some chevaliers knocking on my door because of some gods!?" the king spat. "Plough the gods, I will never surrender my land or my crown!" he yelled as he unsheathed his sword. "So be it," the man put his helm back on.

He stepped back to join his team, all were ready for what is to come next. The tyrant ordered his men to charge, and so they did. Running to meet their spear edges with their swords. 

The End

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