Prologue Part 3

    The leader of the knights bashed and swung in arcs with his shield and sword, the titan trampled on the soldiers with his greatsword with brute strength, breaking the soldiers' bones like twigs. The archer shot out from afar to dispatch enemy archers and pin anybody for the leader to execute. The rogue hacked and slashed in bloody circles with her razor sharp blades, and the mage used magic to burnd and confuse her enemies into attacking each other. It was a true massacre. Blood splattered all over their armor and weapons, but heroes on a mission never receive a rest.

  They ran up the stairs to get to the king's quarters. As they reached the top, they found themselves the big, jeweled door. It was barred from the other side, but since when did that stop them? The titan kicked open the door as the rest were preparing themselves for one last battle. The elite guard was already positiong in fron of the tyrant king Tarkus, with spears at the ready to give their lives for the king. 

"Who the hell are you!?" the king yelled. "Why have you come here!?" He wore his signature black taurus armor. This so-called king didn't care about life or death. He was ready as ever for one last confrontation.


The End

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