Prologue Part 2

     Everything was calm on the inside of the castle, or so the palace guard thought.  The silver warriors busted through the high doors into the castle, the nimble rogue swiftly dispatched the guards with her poisoned knives, and the team of five raced through the castle halls. They were swift, and they were brave, just like the stories tell of their adventures.  They continued through the courtyard where the leader sighted the high tower; the king should be hiding there. 

     They made it to the main hall that leads to the stairs for the tower. There were twenty palace guards armed with spears, swords and shields. Twenty against five, some would say it was an uneven match for the guards. One of the silver knights appeared to be a titan in comparison to the rest. Wielding a silver, etched greatsword, he was easily the toughest; the one next to him, the rogue, was fast and deadly. She wielded her twin blades with finesse. They were all a unit, standing in position to dispatch their enemies in front of them. They didn't let up; they all had that unbreakable will you read about in fables.

   They charged forward as the palace guard received them with vigoer and rage, stabbing wildly and quickly. Little did they know, they were in the fight of their lives.

The End

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