On a bright sunny day, a group of men and women dressed in silver armor came to the kingdom of Tairo that lay hidden in the mountains. Their march was strong, their chests were up in the air, and their heads held high. They stride around like champions with a mission. As they approached the castle gates one of the guards said, "Stop, state your business". The leader of the group did nothing but scan the castle exterior. "I said state your business!" said the guard, grasping his spear. He approached the leader of the group, he was at least half a meter shorter. He looked him straight in the face and said, "I suggest you take your men and turn around, stranger," he said. When he looked through the opposing knight's helm he saw two glowing, blue eyes and it spooked him.

The leader unsheathed his sword, shining a bright light that left the guards blinded for a moment. Before the guard could regain his sense, it was already too late. He had a sword pluinged into his belly while the rest of the mysterious silver knights began attacking his unit. One of the women used her staff to bust open the gates by lobbing a fireball, but this fire was special. It was not your regular orange-red fire, it was white. The archer of the group took out his bow and his arrows materialized as he pulled the bow string back as if they were made of air. He unleashed a set of three arrows that homed in on the sentries above.

The End

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