Legend of The Luminauts.

When the world is at the brink of being lost to the dark, the call of the Luminauts echoes through the void.

   Men have waged war since the beginning of their existence. They have fought for land, for wealth, for freedom, and sometimes to fill the emptiness of not having a purpose, but one day where man gets pushed to the edge- the fighting needs to stop. The people of the world chose to rise against their kings and queens, forcing them to create a peace between the kingdoms. Some had to be assassinated; others were removed from the throne in a more clean manner, but one tyrant king, Tarkos, yelled out to his countrymen, "I will make peace with those boot lickers and whores when the gods themselves command it!"His pride was all that stood between mankind's survival.

 Throughout the years he has been known more of a warrior than a monarch, always ready for a battle. Anybody that says even a word against his name is punished through death. In these last years of oppression the people of Tairo have been struggling, they have been rebelling, and they have been praying. Praying  to the gods to send them their fabled warriors, the Luminauts.

They were revered as the guardians of High Heaven, to safeguard everything from the forces of evil and darkness. They are harbringers of justice, the bane of oppression, human beings chosen by the lords. It is said that when the weak and oppressed pray, their call will be heard, and it will be answered.

The End

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