Chapter 1

It was said long ago that six crystals were created to defend an ancient darkness. Each crystal was unique and represented the elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light, and dark. They were given out only to those who had a connection to that energy, but there was a catch. The user of the crystal had to know that it was not the source of their power, but was meant to focus what they already had. Of course that didn't mean they could unlock more power within. If they used the crystal as a source

It was said long ago that six crystals were created to defend an ancient darkness. Each crystal was unique and  represented the elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light, and dark. They were given out only to those who had a connection to that energy, but there was a catch. The user of the crystal had to know that it was not the source of their power, but was meant to focus what they already had. Of course that didn’t mean they could unlock more power within. If they used the crystal as a source they would be consumed by the crystal and loose themselves gradually until the crystal completely destroyed them. Many believed this to be a myth but as it had occurred once before, it was soon to happen again. 

Cana rose suddenly from sleep at the sound of someone knocking on the thick dark oak study room door. She had managed to fall asleep on her book laying on the white oak desk again after staying up most of the night working on her personal research. She scratched her head lightly before loudly complaining,. "Who is it?". There was an unusually long silence before they spoke up, "Um its Kenny, hope I'm not bothering you..." Cana laughed lightly and slowly got up out of the wooden chair and walked over to the door in her black flats. Even though she had taken her sweet time getting there, she still had managed to scare the life out Kenny when she swung the door in quitewhich cause him to fall back, landing on his butt. "Of course your not bothering me, you actually did me a favor by waking me up." she said sarcastically with a sleepy grin on her face. Kenny, still wide eyed from the scare, quickly tried to get up and speak at the same time. This didn’t go so well but he managed to get out a few words out before ending up on the floor again. "Did I seriously just wake you up?". Cana stretched out her hand to him and Kenny took it. After pulling him up she answered lightly. "Yes, you seriously just did.", Cana sighed, "I was working on my research again.... I still haven't figured out a few things and I'm going to end up going back to Michael's bookshop again. I know he has what I need. And...." She paused only because the next part wasn’t going to be easy and may not be the best thing to tell Kenny at this time.  

They were both equals and carried a unique crystal on them. Hers was bright red, which represented fire and his was pale blue, which represented wind. She had given the crystal to him about a year before after finding him running on the rooftops to get away from four bandits: She had just come out of the tavern late at night after talking to a traveler about joining a caravan to their next stop when she saw a flash on the roof to her right. The dim lighting didn’t reveal much but she couldn’t believe it when she saw a man jump to that roof from the other far off. She smiled at his jumping ability before the bandits, who had somehow kept up with the boy on the ground, ran right smack into her. She landed hard on the stone pathway, and scrapped her right arm and leg. She could tell they had clearly been paying more attention to the boy than to were they were going and this frustrated her. In response to being ran into, she swiftly jumped up and jabbed one of them in the face with her left elbow. It made direct contact and the bandit toppled over in pain. Seeing one of their own get knocked over by a girl, the other three bandits had shifted their attention to her instead of the boy.  

She then quickly grasped four throwing knives, having two in each hand, from her bag hanging on her waist, and threw one straight at the bandit to her right. However, it missed and the bandit managed to ram into her thus knocking her over. The other knives fell onto the ground just out of reach. The boy, who had remained on the roof above, then jumped down directly on the bandit to her left with a club in hand and knocked him unconscious when then club connected to his head. He then swung the club swiftly at the head of the bandit on his left. It made impact with a huge thunk. This gave Cana the opening she needed to grab one of the knives and throw it at the final bandits back. The knife struck right in the guys shoulder and the impact knocked him down. The boy, wanting to get the final blow, slammed the club down on the guys head, thus killing him. Cana walked over to the boy and laid a hand on the club that was now above the his head to strike him again. "That’s enough, he's dead!" She said firmly, "Thanks for helping me....." He jumped back swiftly as she was finishing and stared blankly at her for several moments before coming back to his senses. "Uh yeah, no problem." She looked at him curiously as he had caught her interest from the moment she had seen him jump to the roof above them.  

Deciding to take a chance, she closed her eyes and focused her energy. A light silver glow surrounded her and she opened her eyes and looked at him. She could then see the aura around him. It was pure. She smiled at this and also saw a wind surrounding him. She knew he had a connection to wind, which explained why he could jump so well. Knowing this, she closed her eyes again and released the energy she had gathered. She opened her eyes to find him back against the wall with a frightened look. "What... what did you just do?"he almost shouted. She began to walk towards him with her hand out stretched. "I am able to focus my aura, and I believe you can too." The boy knocked her hand away, but stayed where he was, he didn’t know what to think but wondered if he could truly do what she had done and maybe more. "Do you really think I can do that?" He asked uncertainly. "I do believe you can. I have seen your aura. It is pure and connects to the wind", She waited a moment to see how he'd react. Seeing a positive response she continued. "If you accept my offer to accept the crystal I have here" She showed him a small pale blue crystal in the palm of her left hand, "Then you will a company me and I will be able to help unlock the power that’s inside you and you'll learn what I know to defend against an ancient darkness." Kenny thought about this for a long moment. This meant that he may stand more of a chance against not only the bandits, but against others that may attack him. Whether he knew it or not, there was going to be more to him accepting the crystal. He smiled having made his decision and then took her hand. "I accept, and I also realized I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kenny." She smiled also at his acceptance, "And my name is Cana. From now on I will be your mentor" She moved around to tie the crystal around his neck. "From now on you must keep the crystal safe and know that it is not the source of your power. It is to focus it, remember that!"  

She looked up to see Kenny lightly shaking his head and yet he was smiling while doing so. This told her that she didn’t have to say anything more and she too then smiled. "Well I mainly came to tell you that if you wanted lunch, then you should get downstairs before the other guests eat it all up" Kenny says before turning and starting down the hallway towards the staircase that lead down to the main floor. 


more to come


The End

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