Heaven was not nessicarily a bad place to live; it just wasn't Earth. It was like being frozen in time forever.

Heaven was 'perfect.' If you desired something, all you had to do was wish for it, and all at once it would appear in your heaven. Flowers? Dogs? A nice shady tree? Boom, done, and there it was. The only wish that could not be granted whitch could not be given was to be alive again.

Manuel knew there was something differnt about being on Earth that made all the pain and suffering he heard of worthwhile, but try as he might, he just couldn't remember what it was. Usually, this led him back to the mysterious woman singing, but for some reason, today his head was clear. He glanced down watching as people scurried like ants navegating their colasal cities with practiced ease. Just what was it about Earth that those bound in heaven found so appealing?

"Day-dreaming Manuel?"

At Mother Superior's soft voice, his thoughts scattered. He turned and smiled, "I was jut thinking..."

Perhaps, Mother Superior was not the right name for her. She was small, and Manuel suspected she had been no older than six when she had died. Yet, she had spent nearly two hundred years in her heaven. The royal blue sash tied around her waist signified her age.  Manuel's was just now a soft brown.

 Her voice was soft and feathery, cool like a dove. Her blue eyes seemed to pierce right through him, never missing a beat, but then, they held a practiced softness as well. Long curly brown hair rolled down her back. Had she had more time on Earth, as an adult, she would have been breathtaking.

The corners of her lips lifted up in a smile.

"What's on your mind?"

The End

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