Legend Chronicles The First of Many;Mature

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Prologue.  Decisive

Not so much as a single legend remained, after the world was struck with ruin. Yet, you managed to survive, even when the gods were against you. You are a special one Mia, keep that in mind.

"I am not special", she replied as she looked up from the ground. " I corrupted the cycle."

You are in no right to take the blame. Your wings were born for you from your past life, Gaius, do you not remember? You were born with wings of gold.

"And now they are stained with an incurable felony," Mia exclaimed."They have lost their hue of gold. One is white and the other is ..."

"Black", he added. "You can cure this Mia, just have patience."

I shouldn't have to wait Hhrunehmn. I've been waiting for decades, and now.... I am to loose everything.

"What is there to loose Mia?"

"Him", Mia said in shame as she pulled on her glass necklace. "I promised him that I would change. I promised him that I would rebuild Milidia."

"You promised?!" Hhrunehmn paused as he shot her a glance."We do not make promises that we cannot keep!"

Well I can keep this one. If he promised, then I would do the same.

"And what did he promise you? A remembrance? Some key?"

"He promised me, that he would take me, to Eden. The first world before the last."

"Ha", Hhrunehmn chuckled." If a human was he, then what makes you think that he still lives?"

He bears the same mark, but no wings.

"Then he is no legend; either a pallasch or a senecke", Hhrunehmn added.

Either way, our precepts remain the same, but this promise will remain my constant ambition.

"What about your purpose?" Hhrunehmn teased.

"What about it?" Mia snarled.

"The gods did not bring you back into existence to follow after some false promise. They brought you back to fix the cycle."

"To bring them down", Mia answered. "The Rhenajlem."

Exactly. So why diverge from the path?

"Help", Mia replied as her eyes wandered the dawn hued skies. "I will not be able to do this alone."

"But I am your guardian", Hhrunehmn whispered as he threw his hood over his face. "I am the only help you need."

"No, you are not." Reaching down next to the left side of her waist, she withdrew a long hooked blade and held it close to her chest.

"If I am to diverge from the path, then it is my choice, not yours. You are the one who follows in my shadow. If you do not agree then you are not a part of it. You, are against me."

"I am not!" he declared as he reached for her weapon. Holding up her blade, she lifted it away from her chest and held its tip at the bridge of his neck.

"If you are with me, then do not question my judgement. If you against me then take your leave!"

I cannot do that Mia. It would be considered disloyal.

"Then you are with me?" she grinned as she also pushed her hood over her head. " It would be most wise."

I am with you.

"Very well" she announced. "Our first home is in the Avian Empire; in the northern district, underneath the kingdom;  it lies in Tehra. Everything changes once we arrive there.

"What changes?" Hhrunehmn requested.

"Everything..." Mia vowed. "Everything."

The End

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