Legal Liaisons Chapter 2Mature

 Scott didn’t know why he couldn’t get her out of his head, but resistance was futile. She was highly strung; work obsessed and something of an ice queen. Which was a shame because he was sure that, with the right atmosphere and the right man she could be passionate, reckless and oh so sexy. With her tight curves, dark brown eyes, smooth chocolaty skin and luscious lips, she was every man’s fantasy.

Scott’s jaw tightened at the thought. Any creep who dared to dream about his hard as nails co-worker would end up on the wrong side of him. It was a wonder how he had somehow ended up on the wrong side of her. Okay, so it was fun to watch sparks fly every time they locked horns, but he was tired of it. He simply wanted to lock something else with her. His penis grew hard at the thought. That woman sure had a lot to answer for. Scott looked out of the window. Night falling, planes flying overhead and the Gherkin glowing in the moonlight. It was the first night that he was able to go to sleep before 1am- and those days were rare- and now he couldn’t enjoy it. Scott turned away from the window and climbed into bed. It was going to be a long night.

“Good morning Miss Knightsbridge” chirped the blond secretary sitting front of house at Eagleton and Co, arguable the best law firm in London.

“Good morning, Marina. Is Andrew not here this morning?”

“Not today. Not feeling well, poor thing. I have a message for you. Mr Eagleton said to meet him in his office after you’d got yourself some coffee. Said it was urgent.”
“Thanks Marina” Vanessa replied, heading towards the lifts.

“Have a nice day!”

“Good morning, Mr Fortune.”

“Good morning Marina.” Scott enjoyed seeing Marina every morning. Pleasant, polite and rather chirpy, she was often the sugar that stopped the rest of his day from being a total waste of time.

“All by yourself today?”

“Andrew’s not feeling too well, poor thing. He was eager to come into work too, except the clients expect us to be inviting, not green.”

Scott chuckled. Eagleton had a reputation of having the nicest staff, and Marina was no exception.

He turned towards the lifts. “Have a nice-“

“Oh, Mr Fortune! I forgot. Mr Eagleton said to meet him in his office as soon as you’ve had your coffee.”

“Thanks Marina.”

Vanessa straightened her skirt and brushed imaginary fluff from her green silk blouse. Appearances were everything, and meeting with the boss meant top dollar. As she went over, her hair, she surveyed her surroundings. Nice corner office, with an incredible view of the London skyline. Oak furniture, headed up by a plush leather chair not unlike Sir Alan Sugar’s inThe Apprenticelet herknow just how far she had come in only three years.  But meeting with the boss always made her nervous. You were only as good as your last case and Vanessa had taken her eye of the ball. She sighed. Leona had suffered another bad break up and was close to self destruction when she was handed her last client. For her, though, family and friends always came first. They were the ones who supported you while you were down and celebrated your achievements alongside you. No pay check, however hefty, would ever allow her to abandon her friend in need. And, as a result, Scott Fortune had been given the case and first chair, whilst she had had to settle for a measly second. And that had got her goat. Perhaps this was her two weeks’ notice. Finish these last cases, do the follow-up and leave. These thoughts carried her over to the lifts. Blindly selecting the button for the 35thfloor, Vanessa imagined what the boss would say and how she’d react.

Normally, the idea of meeting with the boss would give him the heebie-jeebies, but his mind was elsewhere. Scott pondered as why exactly he kept his thrice weekly gym regime when he was easily getting the exercise for free. After last night’s marathon, he didn’t mind the call up to occupy his brain in less destructive ways. Shame there was no one with him to admire his stamina in the bedroom. Then again, if he had had someone, he wouldn’t need to do it himself. Scott grinned. He wanted her big-time, but she was going to suffer too.

“Mr Eagleton, sir, I was told you wanted to see me?”

“Ah yes, Vanessa. Have a seat. Please.”

At sixty six, Warren Eagleton still cut a stunning figure.  Snow white hair, piercing blue eyes, 6ft tall and a quick sense of humour still had women half his age wanting to get next to him. Vanessa wasn’t surprised. The man had a classic virility not seen since Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Funny then, how her thoughts were only filled with one man. The wrong man, yes, but still one man.

“We’ll just wait for one more person, and then I’ll tell you why we are here today. This, Vanessa, is the beginning of your new career.”

Vanessa’s heart jumped. Either he meant here at Eagleton and Co or else Leona wasn’t the only one headed for a bad break up.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Come in” Mr Eagleton called.

The door opened and Hugh Jackman’s twin brother stood in the doorway.

“Ah, Scott, there you are.”

The End

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