Legal LiasionsMature

A legal romantic comedy!

“So tell me what you did next!”

From most people’s viewpoints in the trendy after work bar that every hardworking professional drowned their sorrows in the women sitting at the centre table appeared to be two friends simply catching up on gossip. However, to those that really mattered, it was common knowledge that the ebony goddess was not your average lawyer, but one of the toughest, hardest and principled lawyers in the country. And the Titian haired wonder sitting opposite her taught some of the richest, most privileged nursery kids in the country. Their gossip had the power to bring down empires. But then again, those in the know made sure that they were never the subject of their gossip. The two women were a formidable team.


“He made an appointment to see me this afternoon after class had ended, under the guise of discussing ‘Little Zac’s progress’, as if I was born yesterday. Turns up, with his wedding ring off, mind you, and starts putting the moves on me, in front of his little kid. What he doesn’t know though, is that vacationing regularly in the Seychelles gives you a tan. And I’m pretty sure that the little white band on their wedding finger wasn’t some new kind of plaster I’ve never heard of. Man must think I’m blind!”

“Oh my gosh, Leona, your face just makes the story priceless.  You look morally outraged!”

“Look, Nessa” Leona replied, her curls bouncing vehemently “in your line of work, you meet smoochers, jerks and ass-kissers every day of your life. I only signed up to deal with their ‘bundles of joy’ not them.”


Vanessa studied her friend fondly. Vanessa Knightsbridge and Leona Graham had been best friends ever since they had first met at university nearly ten years ago. As freshers’ at Birmingham University, the two had hit it off almost instantly, becoming inseparable as the days and months rolled by. With Vanessa reading law and Leona psychology, their intellectual discussions were often heated, battle lines drawn, but the two young women had both known that they had made one friend for life. After graduating and moving back to London, the women had focused on their professional lives, vowing that when they made it big, they would splurge and go mad, repaying themselves and each other for a job well done. Now they were here, and it felt great.

“So, high flyer, what’s cooking over at Eagleton and Co?”

“Do not EVEN get me started about work. It’s driving me insane!”

“I think you meanhe’sdriving you insane. So, darling, tell me, how IS Scott Fortune?”

Unfortunately, Vanessa thought, he is alive, infuriatingly handsome, getting on my last nerve and keeping me awake at night. And not necessarily for reasons she wanted to explore. 

The End

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