Legacy of the Sparrows

In a medieval world lined with magic, secrets, and chicken soup, a young girl fights desperately to decode a prophecy given to her by a mysterious old woman. Friends and family are torn apart as they learn more about themselves and their families' ancient war. Can the girl decode the prophecy in time to salvage what's left of the family she once had?


It's been fifty years.

Fifty long, cold, hard years without you.

Oh Thorne how I miss you.

I am so truly sorry...for everything.

It's too late now, I know. I know you'd want me to move on.

To carry on your legacy with pride.

But without you everything fell apart...I fell apart.

I will always feel responsible for that tragedy.

This will be the last letter I leave here.

At your "Grave that is not a Grave".

The End

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