Left to the NightMature

being left alone in the world isn't easy, Nalla copes by escaping from it all but being a vampire means she has to take massive doses of numerous drugs to achieve it. she's struggling and those who want to help and care for her don't know how to make it better

The house and grounds sat quietly in the midst of the blood red sunset that slowly slid behind it’s shadow. A mist, more suitable for a sunrise, settled low on the ground and clouded it from view while shadows played as they grew longer and the outline of the trees in the grounds became orange and then pink in the dimming light. The house rose ominously up before her, just as the gravel on the driveway crunched beneath her feet as she paced forwards.

                However much she wanted to believe it, Nalla wasn’t coping. She’d fallen into this spiralling journey of self harm and pity, depression and vacancy about four months ago when her only family had been murdered and her elder brother kidnapped. She’d been taken in by the King of her people and cared for as best they could but it wasn’t helping her cope.

                Having stayed out in the sunlight all day, deliberately torturing herself as a way to keep herself firmly in this plane of existence, she was exhausted, bruised, bloody and fatally ill. Being a Vampire had it’s drawbacks and the massive injuries that came with venturing out into sunlight was one of the one’s that Nalla felt dearly. And yet she still exposed herself to its rays, the suns effect on her was unique compared to every other Vampire she knew of; for them the sun burned their skin, deeply and severely, but for Nalla it simple reinstated every injury she’d ever had, external and internal, and since she fought for her people as one of their guards she had quite a few of those.

                She stumbled and her knees gave out. The harsh gravel rose to meet her as she toppled but she managed to position herself so that she was sitting with her legs stretching out in front of her and her back hunched over against the last of the sun’s rays. Delirious from the pain she’d forced on herself she managed to gain a few moments of blissful escape and she knew the drugs in her system certainly helped. There were precious few substances that would affect Vampires but Nalla was now an expert at finding the ones that did.

                As night fell, the large shutters that covered every window and door at the house rose, declaring the world safe for the household to awaken. The house Nalla was sitting in front of was the one that belonged to the guardian’s of her people and was where her King, his Queen and the Tattoos – the men who guarded their race – and their other halves lived. Females weren’t technically supposed to fight with the Tattoos but Nalla hadn’t taken a whole lot of care of the rules when her family was still intact and even less so in the last four months.

                Now exposed to the moon’s healing rays Nalla cried out as her body succumbed to the full pain of her injuries, being awake during the day always had a numbing effect on a Vampire’s body but the night allowed them to feel everything. And on this night Nalla felt everything at tenfold, her body began to shake uncontrollably and as she tried to clutch her hands to her head her insides churned with such a force that she was flung backwards, screaming as the reopened lashes across her back met the gravel floor. Instinct took over and she rolled into a foetal position, whimpering and bleeding.

                Someone had heard her screams and there were now people coming from the house towards her, “Nalla, where the fuck have you been?” the King all but roared.

                “Seoul! Cool it!” the Queen Alïse ordered, “Call for Dustin!” she said, naming the inhouse doctor before coming to settle beside Nalla.

                “I’m ... sorry .... I’m sor ... ry I’m ... ssso ... rry ... I ... ‘m ... sorr ...y,” Nalla whispered over and over again, tears streaming out from underneath her clenched shut eyes.

                “Sssh, you’re alright Nalla, we’re getting you help,” Alïse soothed and reached out to touch the girl but Nalla was still hypersensitive from all the drugs she’d put into her system and the gently brush of her Queen's fingertips felt like great claws tearing at her skin.

                Nalla screamed again and jumped up and away from the touch, the Vampires that had gathered were amazed at her strength considering her injuries as she came to her feet and stumbled backwards, “’S my fault, all my fault,” she muttered, choking on her tears as they fell thick and blood red down her cheeks, “I want out,” she said quietly and then again stronger, “I WANT OUT!” she all but screamed and her legs gave way again, she looked up at her King, the Queen, the six Tattoos and their mates, “Just let me die,” she moaned, “They’re not coming back, Tem’s not coming back, Mummy’s not coming back, Da ...” she had to swallow hard, “Daddy’s not coming back,” and with that admission she started crying all the harder.

                Then Dustin was with her and he reached out to take her face in two hands, Nalla screamed and tried to jerk away but Dustin caught her and made her look at him, “What have you taken Sweetie?” he asked and the others behind him gasped, they obviously hadn’t realised Nalla had consumed anything, “Sweetie, what did you take? How much and when?” he asked, taking one hand away from her face to reach into the bag he’d brought with him.

                “A mix,” she muttered, “Always has to be a mix or it doesn’t work,” she was aware of Dustin pushing up the sleeve on her right arm and only at the last moment thought that would be a bad idea but Dustin wasn’t to be argued with and he exposed the mass of injection sights, the swollen and bruised veins and skin that covered the inside of her elbow. A chorus of growls broke out into the night sky as the Vampires she lived with voiced their shock, concern and disapproval.

                “How long have you been using, Sweetie? How much each night?” he asked, placing some stinging liquid and a soft piece of gauze over her arm.

                Nalla hissed and began to shake but then Jet, the only Tattoo without a mate, was at her side, taking her hand in his and settling so he could place a protective hand on her thigh and helped to keep her still.

                “How much and how long, Gorgeous?” Jet asked.

                Nalla shot her gaze to him and met his eyes, her body stilled for an immeasurable moment and then she let out a breath and still holding his eyes she answered, “As much as I can get as often as I can get it,” she answered cryptically.

                “Two times a night?” Jet asked, knowing Dustin would need more info, Nalla shook her head and dropped her gaze before hissing as Dustin began to actively clean her arm, “Three?” another shake, he took a wild guess, “Seven?” another shake, “More or less, Gorgeous?”

                “More,” she whispered and then closed her eyes and looked away from them as the King swore and ranted and the other Tattoos muttered.

                “What dosage Sweetie?” Dustin asked.

                “Double, sometimes triple,” Nalla answered freely this time, not needing Jet’s coaxing.

                “How long has this been going on?” Seoul demanded.

                Slowly Nalla raised her eyes to her King, “Three months, two weeks and three days,” she answered.

                Seoul would have continued but Dustin shot him a warning glare before pulling a needle and a small bottle of clear liquid from his bag, “This is going to hurt Sweetie, okay? I can’t put it in your arms and I doubt your legs are going to be much use either so I’m going to have to go for your neck, okay Sweetie?”

                Nalla nodded, already the nine triple doses of drugs she’d taken that day were wearing off and she was sobering up fast, “If it’s something to knock me out I’m not going to need it,” she added as she exposed her neck, when Dustin and the others paused she continued, “I haven’t fed in a while,” she explained as her eyes drifted shut, “And the drugs are wearing off, I’m good to collapse around n—“ she didn’t finish since she slumped. Jet was there, catching her and scooping her up into his arms before turning and heading straight for the house. Dustin followed at a run so he could prepare the med room and the others paused before continuing back into the house.  

The End

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