The Mission

Zale and Teala's mission: to find a mysterious weapon that would defeat the Medusa Armies for good.

But unfortunately, the two Star Warriors had no idea where to start.

Zale whacked his communicator to try and speak to Commander Arnold, but there was now reception at all. The Commander was simply too far away, not even on Loria anymore.

"Now what do we do?" cried Teala. "I don't even know how to make a shelter in the forest, let alone carve up antelopes and eat grubs!"

"We're not on Earth anymore, Teala," said Zale. "Who knows what weird things we'll get here?"

As if on cue, a huge winged beast soared over their heads, and light wing feathers brushed their heads. What they saw was a massive shock - it was a huge green dragon!

"Oh my god!" cried Teala. The beast looked a lot like a mythical dragon, only its wings were feathered and not webbed, and it looked more dinosaur-like. It looked like a sort of great flying archaeopterix.

Teala's yell attracted its attention, and the beast swung a feather-maned head in her direction. Massive yellow eyes gazed into hers...and the beast spewed out a great stream of flame!

"GET BACK!" screamed Zale. A circular green shield burst from his watch and he put it between Teala and the fire. The energy shield flickered precariously under the heat, but it held.

The dragon ran out of breath and the barrage of fire died out. But now it attacked with its razor-sharp claws! The claws tore right through the shield, causing flickers of green lightning to dissipate into the air.

Zale quickly drew his sabre off his back, and flicked a switch on its hilt. The already sharp enough blade was coated with green energy.

"Get back!" Zale yelled at the dragon, waving the green sword at the creature.

The End

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