Left on Loria

Zale is a Pegasus Star Warrior who is left on the life-filled planet of Loria to find a mysterious weapon that can defeat the Medusa Armies...

Zale looked out of the star cruiser window. What had been the dark abundance of space before was now filled with the green planet of Loria.

"The mission'll be tough," said Commander Arnold. He was a huge, muscular man who looked like he had hair made from a chunk of brick. Like all Pegasus Star Warriors, he wore reflective silver armour. Two massive guns were belted onto his back.

"I can take it." Zale was only seventeen. Like the Commander, he wore shiny silver armour (but it was many sizes smaller!). He had short brown hair, green eyes and a Pack on his back. Around his wrist was a PegaTech, a small wristwatch that doubled as a communicator.

A Pack was everything for a Star Warrior. It was pretty small, but cool stuff like water capsules would come out at the mere press of a button. Zale had a beam sabre sheathed through his, so that its hilt came up from behind his right shoulder. He also had a small blaster belted to his thigh.

"Don't be so grim, Zale!" said Teala. She was Zale's best friend. The two orphans had been raised up by the Pegasus Star Warriors since they were fostered by Commander Arnold. Teala would be Zale's only companion on Loria.

Suddenly the view out of the window flipped around a bit. The gigantic trees were suddenly much closer. "We're landing!" Commander Arnold boomed.

There was a mighty crash, and the round window now had a covering of dirt.

Zale wearily clicked his seatbelt undone and stood up. His stiff legs felt like planks of wood.

"Time to go," said Arnold.

Zale and Teala shook hands with the commander and left the cruiser, standing on firm, grassy ground on a hill overlooking an enormous forest. The strange, unimaginable cries of alien animals could be heard amidst the trees.

And then the spaceship left, leaving the two Star Warriors alone on Loria.

The End

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