Eyes lock

This is a writing about a relationship that I have been out of for a minute but it was the most confusing relationship that I have ever been in. This is the definition of a moment of weekness that I found myself in and I regret every moment of it

Walking alone, its late

In the darkness I feel the cold night

Air on my face and. I walk. Searching. Looking for somewhere

To go. Someone to understand.

I arrive, at the resturant.

My new sanctuary,

I feel sick and my body

Yanks toward the bathroom.

Im on the floor. Choking...

I take a seat and suddenly my

World and my surroundings go

Black and there is nothing I

Can do to stop the daze, the fact

That Im fading.

My mind slips to another time

And it romances the empty

Corridores of my mind, they're

Silent and its creepy. Im not sure

Whats going on.

Thoughts of my life race through

My mind and they dont feel like

My own. Like my eyes are reading

Books but I dont actually see the words. My body shakes.

I wake up to a woman tugging at

My arm handing me some food.

Which my body craves.

I eat like I wont eat again for weeks

Which in this moment its reality.

They tell me the meal has been

Paid for by the man who just left.

My mind continues to race and

Im confused. Why? Why'd he do

This? He didnt have too.

He comes back sometime later

Im not sure why.

I didnt see the guy before but

I know the man who walked it must be him hes staring right at me.

I get up and walk outside.

This is the ultimate test.

I turn around and hes there.

I show my ass off.

He watches.

Im finally finnished showing off

I decide to ask if he minds if I sit

Next to him. He slides over, I sit

And we start talking. I guess one

Of the waitress' told my story.

He invites me back to his place

I agree but it doesnt happen

For a few weeks. We talk and all

I can think about is his eyes.

My eyes. Our eyes locking.

The End

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