Lee's mistake.Mature

Last night was rough. After getting dirty looks off everyone in the bus i got off the bus. I was going to let my hair lose as Lee would say. Actually he said I was way too wound up and i never let my hair lose. But how could I? I was executive producer of Will's Way. The number one rated show on tv. This show was all I had up until two years ago when I met Lee .

Lee was the complete opposite to me. He was funny, handsome and easy-going. I on the other hand was not any of these things. He told me i was beautiful and sweet and I, being a fool fell head over heels for him.

I now believe the reason I feel in love with him was because for the first time in a long time someone loved me - or should I say, said they loved me.  My mother and father died when i was 14. Car crash. Instant death the inquest said. My whole life people have said to me you are so brave. I want to be as strong as you. The reason for me to be strong, independent and motivated was because I had to.

I was girly, popular and spontaneous before they died. After there death I had no-one. They both were only children and i too was an only child. I moved foster home to foster home until I was 18. No parents wanted an isolated lost lonely girl of 14. I learned to live without anyone. I learned how to survive in the cruel world.

Lee turned out to be a fraud. Of the two years we were going out he had been cheating for 16  months. After i found out about the numerous girls I dumped him. I stayed in my  apartment for 2 straight weeks living on Peanut butter, ham and marshmallows.

Last night was different though. I got the sudden urge to go out and prove to him that I could be fun and hot. I went and got the shortest sexiest dress I could find and got my hair highlighted and done.

Anyways back to Last Night. . .


The End

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