Leaving Sune

I grew up in the Temple of Sune.  Yes, I know that’s slightly odd, but its true.  My mother was a maiden of the Temple and well, you know…  Anyways after she could no longer hide the fact that she was expecting the priests asked her to step down as a maiden, she refused.  Quite strong willed was my mother.  So I became the child of the only non-maiden Maiden in the Temple.  I never did figure out how she managed to get away with it.  It might have been her red hair, matched by her fiery temper or the fact that she was a favorite of the high priest when he was about, but she got her way about 95% of the time. 


My father, well, I never knew him.  One might think this is detrimental, being a bastard, but it does have its advantages.  The only discipline that I had growing up was what the priests and teachers at the temple dished out, which is to say not too much.  If I had a father figure it was the high priest.  Now, most religions don’t have a high priest one could speak to, but that was not true in the Temple of Sune.  The high priest Cal’En was a loving and jovial man quite taken with teaching me the lore and legends of the followers of Sune.  Not that he was around much.  Most of the priests and a good number of the priestess would leave on a whim searching for this grail of a dead warrior or that gem encrusted scepter and Cal’En was no exception, but when I needed him he was there.  In fact it is because of him I have decided to take off on a quest of my own. 


I know I don’t look exactly like your run of the mill cleric.  I inheritated my red hair from my mother, something any follower of Sune would be proud of.  It is my most remarkable feature.  I wear it long and braided with small silver bells at the end to bring a quiet beauty to all that I come across.


At lest that is what Missa says.  She is one of the new Maidens.  I have taken a liking to her and I will miss her when I leave.  But the bells will make me think of her.  That is one of the beautiful side benefits of growing up within the temple.  All the new Maidens need to practice their devotional acts so that they can please Sune at the banquets and hallowed days of prayer.  My mother always taught me to be polite and loving because that is what Sune expects from us.  So… I help where I can.  It almost gets tiring especially as festival days approach, but I suck up my pride and do what I can to raise the name of the Goddess in love and kindness.


  For the last two years I have been getting ready to go adventuring for myself.  I know some of the priests are worried about me.  They say that I am too innocent and that I don’t understand the world but I know more then they think.  I see the cutpurses and men-o-war that walk the marketplace long before they point them out to me.  I just act surprised when they tell me out of reverence.


I know it seems egotistical but I know this is what Sune wants of me.  Why else would I be here?  I have saved up enough for my armor and my whip, spear and pack.  I have learned my lessons and I know I will learn more as I travel.  My last work before I go will be to finish the battle mask that Priest Cal’En is teaching me to make.  All the priests use them.  There is no beauty in killing, but at times it is a necessity, so the priesthood wear tight fitting masks of beautiful worked silver and gold that hide their identities as they do what they must so as not to upset out Goddess.  I am truly enjoying putting the final touches on my mask.  A lot of priests choose the likeness of heroes of the past or animals that look as beautiful as they are ferocious, but I chose the likeness of myself with one slight difference the mask’s features are macabre, there is austere beauty in the macabre.  Between that and the red hair I hope it will make some take a second look.  I really don’t relish killing anyone.   


Well I better get back to finishing this mask if I am going to make it anywhere soon…

The End

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