Leaving Little Love

My sweet babe. You look at me with wide eyes, longing face as you see my face pull away, and my footsteps retreat out the door.

You think I am leaving you for some heaven. You think I abandon you because there is something better just outside, something you can never offer me. I see the worry that contracts your whole body. I see you blame yourself. You think you aren't good enough.

But babe I don't want to leave your side. You are the light in my world. I step out your door and the world turns grey. I love you more than I can say. If I made the world's rules, love would have first priority. We could live among our loved ones infinitely, no others worries or obligations to tear us from what we value.

Babe don't shun yourself for being victim to society's values, because you come first in mine. If the world ran my way, I could show you.

The End

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