A Strong Sense of Familiarity, IVMature

The sun had slipped below the horizon and night had settled upon Jump City when Jinx reached the old stomping grounds. After the H.I.V.E Academy was shut down Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth lived in a small apartment together. It became the trio’s haven. It was a place for them to relax and plan their next attack against the Titans. It was a place only for them. It hadn’t been the most glamorous lifestyle but it had been home for a long time.

                And now, standing outside the apartment building, the memories of life within the apartment started coming back to Jinx in a pleasant rush. A rush that brought a smile onto her face at the sight of lights shining out of the third floor window. She was quick to enter the apartment building and climb up the stairs to the third floor. She walked down to the apartment door, yellow light peeking out from underneath.

                They were home.

                Jinx knocked on the door. She wondered what her two friends looked like now. Had Gizmo grown any taller? Had Mammoth gotten any bigger? What had they done during the time she had been gone? Were they still angry at her for her brief relationship with Kid Flash? She hoped not. That love had been shot dead long ago and it was never coming back.

                Finally the door opened with a slight, quiet groan. Jinx grinned, expecting to see Gizmo or Mammoth but found herself staring at a complete stranger. Her grin fell away almost instantly as the stranger, a dark haired man in his late twenties, lifted a brow in question.

                “Can I help you?” the stranger asked.

                “Uh…” there were no words. And yet now that Jinx was standing there, she suddenly realized what she should had figured out earlier: the possibility that Gizmo and Mammoth no longer lived in the apartment. It had been years since she had seen them. If they had moved on…it would have been out of the apartment. “I’m, uh…I was looking for my friends. They…they used to live here.”

                “Well they don’t anymore,” the stranger replied. “Just me and my girl living here.”

                Jinx nodded. “Right. Well…have a good night.”

                The stranger retreated into the apartment, pushing the door shut. Jinx turned and retraced her steps that led her out of the apartment building and back out onto the street. Her second attempt to get in contact with her friends had failed. She dug into her pocket and pulled out her phone, checking for any messages.


                Slipping the phone back into her pocket, Jinx started down the street. She walked around Jump City for the next hour until she arrived at a small motel. She paid for a room on the second floor. Pushing the motel door shut, Jinx closed her eyes and let out a breath. She was back home but alone. Very much alone. She tossed her bag onto the bed after opening her eyes. She opened up her bag and dug through her belongings before pulling out a small bag of weed and some rolling paper. She sat quietly as she proceeded to roll herself a joint.

                She dug through her bag again, pulling out a lighter. Bringing the joint to her lips, Jinx lit it up and proceeded to smoke. Jinx spent the rest of the night losing herself within the smoke and allowing Jump City to fall away into the black abyss. 

The End

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