A Strong Sense of Familiarity, IIIMature

The bus pulled into the Jump City northern bus station early in the evening. The sun was beginning to descend towards the tall skyscrapers. As Jinx climbed down from the bus the sounds and smells of the city bombarded her with a sense of familiarity. No, scratch that. A strong sense of familiarity. At first glance the city she had grown up in looked the same. Hell, even as she stared longer at her surroundings she found that very little had changed. But she hadn’t really been expecting any drastic changes…had she? She had known a few things were certain when she chose to leave Gotham and return to Jump City. Jinx knew she would eventually face these certain things in time.

                Had change been one of them?

                After collecting her bag and hoisting it over her shoulder, Jinx left the bus station and stepped out onto the busy sidewalk. Men and women of all sorts were moving to and fro, each and every one on their individual mission. Cars honked and roared by upon the crowded street. All of it very much the same as when she had left it.

                Spotting a nearby bench, Jinx walked over and sat down. She reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a small black cellphone. She flipped it open and punched in one of two numbers she hadn’t used in a long time. She pressed the phone to her ear, listening to the rings while watching the familiar sight of Jump City play out before her.

                The rings continued on until a robotic female voice picked up. “The number you have reached is currently unavailable. At the tone, please leave your message.”

                “Hey, Gizmo,” the words felt strange coming out of her mouth. It had been a long time since she had seen Gizmo and Mammoth. She had not planned to leave her two best friends the way she did. If she had, had more time she would have planned it all our flawlessly. Instead she had left them both behind along with everything else.

                “It’s…it’s Jinx,” she paused for a moment, trying to imagine what Gizmo would have said right then and there if he had picked up his phone. “I know you’re probably busy with, uh…with whatever you have going. But I’m in town and I would love to see you. Call me back when you get this message.” She flipped the phone shut, her eyes shutting for a moment. She let out a breath before opening her eyes and flipping her cellphone back open. She dialed a second number and pressed the phone to her ear.

                Perhaps she would have more luck with Mammoth.

                She couldn’t have been more wrong. There was no ringing, just a robotic voice informing the pink witch that the number was no longer in service. She flipped her phone shut again, this time slipping it back into her pocket. No answer from Gizmo and nothing from Mammoth.

                The brief, loud blaring of a car horn grabbed Jinx’s attention. Idling by the curb was a brown Honda with a man in his middle thirties climbing out of the driver side door and waving towards the bus station. The older woman that had been sitting beside Jinx during the ride from Gotham to Jump City waved back and made her way towards the brown Honda with two suitcases in hand. Jinx watched as the woman reached the car and the man came around to embrace his mother in a hug.

                When the hug ended Jinx stood up and began walking down the sidewalk, keeping her back to the reunion. She had failed to reach her friends by phone but she still knew of a way to get in contact with them. It just required a bit of a walk. 


The End

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