A Strong Sense of Familiarity, IIMature

“You see, I have sons in Jump City,” the woman smiled, setting her knitting down in her lap. “Originally they wanted to work in Gotham. It’s where they grew up. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. They found work in Jump City and eventually they both settled down and started lovely families. I’ve been waiting years to come and visit them.”

                Jinx stared at the woman, wondering why she was telling her any of this. She elected only to nod her head in response before turning her attention back to the window.

                “So what brings you to Jump City?” the woman asked, her smile still present upon her wrinkled face.

                The question forced Jinx to look back over at the woman. She did not want this. She did not ask to be questioned by some random woman. But she was from Gotham. Perhaps she was a bit on the crazy side. If that was true, though, it didn’t exactly help matters. Jinx was done with crazy. Finished with insanity. Gotham was behind her. It was all behind her now.

                “I’m going home,” Jinx finally answered after several awkward moments of silence.

                The older woman’s navy blue eyes lit up in interest. “Oh? Is it a nice city? I’ve heard such stories about Jump City. It sounds like a paradise compared to Gotham. Have you seen the Titans? I’ve heard they’re a regular sight around the city.”

                A small smile formed upon Jinx’s face at the mention of the Titans. The memories were coated in haze, but she still remembered. Jinx doubted that she would ever forget the people that had brought about so much frustration, love and pain. “I’ve seen them a few times. It’s because of them that the city is so…nice.”

                The words scratched the clawed within her. It stung. It was like a million tiny daggers being thrown and hitting every inch of her body. Yet Jinx kept the small smile upon her face. A pleasant small smile.

                The older woman nodded and picked her knitting back up. “Well, I’m glad to hear that my sons are raising families in a nice place. Did you enjoy your time in Gotham? I know it’s nothing like Jump City but it does have its personality.”

                Jinx’s attention drifted over to the window as the men finished up fixing the bus. “Yup. It was a blast.”


The End

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