A Strong Sense of FamiliarityMature

A few years after the Teen Titans defeated The Brotherhood of Evil, Jinx returns to Jump City planning to pick up where she left off. However, upon her return, Jinx learns that much has changed in her absence. She also learns that you can't just run from your past. It has a way of catching up to you.

"It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us." - Norman Maclean

                The bus had broken down twice since the beginning of their journey, lengthening the time on the road by three hours. The first breakdown happened only an hour in and while the majority of the passengers aboard the cramped bus groaned and complained, Jinx took great pleasure in watching a handful of men try to fix the bus. It provided a small bit of entertainment that was lacking out on the road. There were only so many small towns, farm lands, trees and cars one could stare at before edging on the cusp of insanity.


                It was strange how a particular place and a particular time thrust meaning into such a small word that did not exist before.

                The second breakdown happened a few hours later which caused the groans and complaints to start again. Jinx took pleasure in the first act: the handful of men searching for the source of the problem. However, that is where her pleasure died and withered into boredom as the acts of the previous breakdown were repeated.

                There was nothing more irritating than the crushing blow a rerun delivers to a hopeful spirit. Or, at least, that’s what Jinx believed.

                The pink haired witch sat in the window seat, second row from the back. Her pink eyes were fixed upon the large tinted window, watching as a few men tried to fix up the bus. Her hair, years ago typically styled into two large pink horns, hung down to her shoulders in a very plain fashion. She wore a simple dark purple hoodie, her hands currently resting in the lower front pocket. Dark blue denim jeans hugged her legs and a pair of simple grey sneakers covered her feet. After Jinx had left Jump City a few years ago she had dumped her costume in favor for everyday street clothes. She already possessed physical features that would always mark her as different for the rest of her life.

                Unnaturally bright pink hair.

                Pink eyes.

                Grey skin.

                All of this would keep her at a distance. It would keep her on the outside looking in. A costume only sealed the deal. Only played upon the features that disgusted her.

                An older woman with greying hair pulled back into a tight bun with wrinkled skin looked up from her knitting and over at Jinx. The older woman’s eyes briefly watched the men fix the bus before returning to Jinx. “I hope they figured out what’s wrong with this bus and fix it soon.” The words pulled Jinx’s attention away from the window and over to the woman who was sitting beside her. She didn’t say anything, her pink eyes jumping from the woman’s wrinkled face to her knitting. 

The End

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