Earl Grey?

I was making tea in the kitchen, while Dallas sat in the living room. I could see him from where i was standing, because the kitchen and living room were opposite each other acros the hall. I watched as he noticed the stack of CD's. He sllida cross the sofa and started flicking through them. I smiled as his expression changed with each CD. When the tea was ready I set his down on the table.

"Thanks," he said and took a sip, and then after a minute spoke again. "So how come you don't live with your parents?"

Normally I might have dodged the question, or made an excuse, but I didn't.

"Well they split up in '97, and I lived with my Dad for a while, but he got a new girlfriend and we didn't get one, so I decided to move out," I said, "My dad's pretty loaded, so he bought the flat for me, and pays for my electricity and food and things like that."

"That's cool. It must be so much fun by yourself. I mean, you get to do whatever you like,"  he said, grinning.

"Yeah, well at first it was, eating whatever I want for tea, watching whatever i want on TV," I said, "But now it's just a bit lonely."

"Don't your friends come over?" he asked.

"Sometimes, but in the end they have to go home, and then I'm alone again," I said, "I try and spend as much time away from here as possible, but when its raining like this, I don't have much choice."

"Can you not get  flatmate or somehing?" He asked.

"No one I know really want to move out of their cosy homes to live in a flat with me," i said with a laugh, "I guess when we're older people will want to move out."

"Yeah," he said, looking thoughtful.

It was 8 o clock by the time he left. We talked for ages, about this and that, and we watched a film, and listened to music. Time flew by, and before we knew it, it ws pitch black outside. We hugged goodbye, and then the flat was silent again. I watched out the window as he walked down the street. He waved as he turned the corner, and then he was gone. I sat on th sofa and tried to watch tv, but there was nothing on. In the end I went to bed at 9.30.

The End

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