I had to stay late after school to return some books to the library, and hand in some late homework. Although I only stayed and extra fifteen minutes, the grounds were completley empty  when I got outside. Rain was pouring down, and after seconds I was soaked. It was bouncing off the walls and ground, and hitting my face so hard it hurt. I walked home through the silent streets, eager to get out of the rain, but reluctant to go home. I turned the corner into my street and saw a hooded figure walking towards me. I considered crossing the street or turning around, but I was cold and tired, and wanted to be warm as soon as possible. As the figure got closer, I began to feel more uneasy. The man was clearly quite built, and there were no other people around. I edged to the side of the pavement, trying to seem as small as possible.

"Hey, Ava?" came a familliar voice. I looked up, and saw the man was actually Dallas.

"Oh hey," I said, relieved "I didn't know you lived around here."

"I don't," he said with a smile, "I was just passing through. Do you live round here?"

"Yeah, in that building there," I pointed to my building, the next one along from where we were standing.

"Nice," he said.

"Yup. So you off anywhere fun?" I asked.

"Nope. I had an argument with my parents, so I decided to take a walk," he said, his smile faltering a little.

"Oh. Well you can come over to my place, if you want," I said, "It's pretty cold to be standing around."

He hesitated.

"Yeah okay," he replied, "Will your parents mind?"

"I live on my own," I replied with a smile.

The End

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