Leaving behind a family, a girl and a baby?Mature

18 year old Jesse Hudson is the total package, an actor, a singer, a football player and a ladies man with a good education.
But he's only got his eyes on one girl, Rosie Cartwright, his girlfriend.
One day, Jesse has been accepted to a famous school for newborn celebrities. Which means, he has to leave his family and Rosie behind.
What he doesn't know is that he is also leaving a baby behind, his and Rosie's baby.
The day he leaves, Rosie finds out she is pregnant.

Hey guys! This is a new story and I hope you enjoy it :]



Rosie's P.O.V

    " Goodbye Everyone." Jesse proclaimed at the airport.

     I was holding back tears as he cam towards me and hugged me tightly and planted a lingering kiss on my forehead.

     " Rosie, I will miss you. I promise, I will keep in touch, I will come back to you as soon as I can. Remember I will always love you. I will miss you so much." Jesse whispered in my ear.

      By the time he finished his speech, I was crying a river. I put my head on his chest and inhaled his scent for the last time.

      " Jesse, I will the same. I will miss you every single day." I managed to choke out.

       He let go and gave a me a lustful kiss on the lips before walking away and walking in the entrance of the plane.

        After that, we all left and we all drove back to our house. I drove my car back to Jesse and I's apartment, which was only my apartment now.

      Unlocking the door, I walked in with tears in my eyes. All of his belongings were now gone, except for his one shirt he gave to me. Running my eyes around the apartment, it already felt empty without Jesse.

      Suddenly, I felt sick. Running to the bathroom, I prepared myself for the puke that I was suppose to puke. But nothing came. 

    No, I thought I couldn't be pregnant! but only one sign declared I was.

    My period was late.

     *** later

     I sauntered outside the bathroom with the pregnancy test in my shaking hands. Waiting for the results, I was scared shitless.

    The result came in. The pink sign that changed it all, the pink plus saying,

    I was pregnant with Jesse's baby. The Jesse that left for his dream school.

The End

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