A (Student) Actress' ErrandMature

A Day Before The Show

            I was pretty nervous. I mean, okay, I was excited and pleased with myself and God knows even proud but I still wasn’t quite sure how he’d take it. But my show, my show! I had a ticket in an envelope which I thumbed nervously as I stepped into the shade of the apartment block. I caught my reflection in the window, straightened my hat, brushed the creases out of my dress and pressed the buzzer for his apartment. I played with my hair while I waited, curling a dark blonde lock around my finger and absent-mindedly rubbing my lip. I frowned when there was no answer and buzzed again. He said he’d be in, he’d known I was coming. No answer. I took out my phone. No was he’d be getting away with standing me up.

            “Why aren’t you answer your doorbell?”
            “My door- Oh sh-“
            “Yes, oh shit, you idiot! You said you’d be here!”
            “I’m at work, I can’t-”
            “Shut up you’re at work, you said you had today’s shift off!”
            “I’m sorry… I just totally… It just slipped my mind is all.”
            “Oh, oh well that’s just fine, really makes it all better. I feel like you really value me now you’ve said that.”
            “Hey, come on now, that’s not-“
            “Not fair? Not fair is you not being here right now where you said you would be!” I sighed, feeling my rant petering out. “Fine, your ticket’s in the mailbox. Enjoy work.”

            I hung up. I wasn’t fuming anymore. I was just disappointed. I didn’t have any real reason to be upset, I’d just been looking forward to seeing him more than anything else. I mean, okay he was working, no big deal. I’d see him tomorrow at the show anyway… Just would’ve been nice if he’d remembered I guess.

            Sullenly, I dropped the envelope into his mailbox and left.

The End

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