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A young man, troubled and disillusioned embroiled in intense family tragedy commits suicide, leaving those close to him to suffer the consequences of his choices, and theirs.
Inspired by a fantastic show co-directed by a friend of mine.

[Please leave a message after the tone]

I didn’t commit suicide because of your play. Just thought I’d let you know. I mean, yes it was horrific and inappropriate and sick and made me disgusted with myself and-

It was truly disturbing. I can’t believe you’d do something like that. I once said that if I lost faith in everything else in the world then I’d still have faith in you. Well, congratulations, you’ve destroyed the one last thing I believed in. I mean, the videos, the violence, the masks? It was one thing to use such a vulgar subject matter but to descend so low as to actively abuse your audience, to portray such a vile thing so callously and with such disregard for common decency, it beggars belief! I can’t understand it, really I can’t. And you know the worst part? The very worst part was the way I felt- no! The way I was made to feel. And you knew you were doing it, you knew. How you twisted me and tormented me, how you brought me to the edge of control. How very much I wanted to hurt those two poncy pricks in those stupid, idiotic masks waving around bananas like morons, how I wanted to hurt them. Hurt them and make them cry, bully them, abuse them, make them suffer. How I wanted to kill them, just fucking kill them. How dare you manipulate the feelings of your audience that way, how dare you manipulate my feelings that way! Manipulate me. Make me complicit in your sick little game, that appalling little charade you have the presumptuousness to call a play, a work of art even! Sick. Sick, sicksick, sick, sick- grotesque, repulsive little- Sick! I feel contaminated, filthy, infected by your sweet, sugar coated brand of moral corruption. You. Had. No. Right. But it is clear to me now that rights and rights and wrongs mean very little to you anymore. That they mean nothing to anyone. Anyone in this corrupt little race swollen with hubris and bile. And I’m no better. No better at all. My feelings tonight, what you forced me into feeling- You’ve shown me that I’m just as detestable as everyone else, as vile, as contemptible, as miserable. You’ve shown me that I’m just what I said I wouldn’t  become. And I can’t go on with it. I’ve tried to be a good person. A good person. And you know why it’s so important to me. Yet you still went ahead anyway. Well thankyou. You’ve made my life so much easier. It’s only a matter of a necktie and a kick now. But I wanted you to know. It wasn’t you who killed me. No. It wasn’t you.



Two days earlier.

Hey, my new show’s starting in two days and I know you’re not into these types of things but I really want you to come and see it. Please, I hope it can help you, I know how hard things have been. This show was written for you so it would be a real shame if you missed it. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

The End

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