Girl cheats on guy. Guy leaves. Girl broken.

And there he was, with that shirt she bought him on their anniversary on, his hair elegantly disheveled. He was ready to leave, ready to run from her, and there was nothing she could say or do to stop him. She hated the very bones of herself for what she had done. It was her fault he was doing this, her fault he was leaving forever.

            She didnt mean to hurt him, it was one stupid, foolish night with a man who wasnt worth half of what her man was. Her man was everything she had ever wanted, he had the looks, the personality, and he loved her. He loved her, for everything that she was. Everything she stood for; even her crazy sock fetish, or her strange liking towards cows, but her dislike of beef. He loved her, for her, and everything about her. And now, he was gone, because of her fondness for liquers.

            He wouldnt even look at her, those rich, dark eyes avoided hers as she pleaded with him not to leave. Those eyes that were once filled with such warmth and love, now just full of hate, and disappointment. He didn't hate her, he couldnt hate her. It was him he hated. Him for doing this, him for leading her on. And he hated himself for letting this happen. He didnt have to be doing this, he could have forgiven her, like she once did for him.

            Now he fully understood how hard it must have been for her. How heartbreaking the decision to forgive him must have been, the gut wrenching decision to take the one person that made you hurt back, or to let them go. He finally realised why it took her three long weeks to take him back, and even longer to trust him again. But now the tables are turned, and he felt obligated to do the same; but there was something different, something didnt seem right. He had a odd sence of discomfort around her now. Like something in their relationship had changed. And he couldn't accept that.

            She saw the look in his eyes, that look of regret, disappointment and sorrow. And she knew, she knew he was gone forever. Her heart was breaking, and he could see it in her eyes, but he just couldnt stop himself from walking away. His feet had a way of their own, like leaves, carried along in the wind.

            As she stood, lost as the dark rain clouds rolled in, the realisation of the situation had sunken in. She had lost the one thing in her life that made sence to her, and it was all her fault. She knew that if she hadnt of told him, he would still be here. He would still be hers. But she had to, they had promised eachother. And it was her that made him vow to stay faithful to her. But it was her that broke that vow, her that ruined this, not him. And she could never forgive herself, or expect him to forgive her.

            As she walked away, towards the heavy rain; her delicate shoulders sunken, heavy with guilt, the sweet smell of roses filled her nose, and she remembered. She remembered the time when everything was good. They were young and fearless. Time, she realised, was a sweet yet sinister gift, better left unthought about, but never forgotten.

The End

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