White Shirt Now RedMature

I pulled my school jumper down as I came to a tight corner.
Faint laughter filled my head with the sound of an engine in the background. Happy laughter, then a flash of light with a screach of the tires and frantic hands trying to turn the steering wheel. A scream. Two bodies flying forward.

My cheast heaved as I tried to breath, only just getting oxygen.
"Stop it" I muttered to nobody but myself."Please!" shouting into the woods the wind flew past me even faster.

Hair over eyes and smashing glass ringing in someone's ears. Silence.
Eyes looking onto the driving seat. A boys head lying face forward on the steering wheel with two hands sprawled on the dashboard.
Blood over him, covering his handsome features of brown hair and masculine torso. His white shirt now red.

"Stop it!" I screamed holding my stomach and leaning forward trying not to be sick.

'Ivan, what happened?' the faint voice in my head muttered slowly. 'Ivan?' Pain as she tried to lift her hand to touch him, to see if he was okay. It was a wasted effort. "Ivan?!" Tears forming in her eyes from the pain and what she was seeing. 'Ivan!' she screamed as she desperatley tried to prize her phone from her pocket.

The End

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