No-Reality TownMature

I got off of the bus and looked at the dark slip road that I had to walk down to get home. With the dark wood surrounding it, it wasn't exactley what most kids would call the best route to get home, but this was my only option considering my mum would still be at work and I didn't live on a main road. 

Parents around this no-reality town never let there children down here alone.  They  didn't even drive down it themselves unless it was an absolute emergency and they rarely happened.

The tall trees tormented me with there dark presence and musky smell as I slowly walked down the road.
Like they were whispering to eachother, the cool breeze whipped past there new spring leaves like they were getting ready for me to slip up.

The wind picked up suddenly and the trees rustled with it, twisting and turning past me. It almost looked like an invisible car had drove past them and disturbed the peace.

The End

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