Learning To LoveMature

Poppy has never let anyone get to her heart. Not even her closest friends. But can she learn to love those closest to her and not push them away.

"Psst!" Karen whispered, nudging me as I tried to work out the rather laborious periodic table.

Karen wasn't exactly the queen of subtlety as she sat on top of the wooden picnic bench we were sitting on outside in the school playground.
"What?" I muttered, irritated, without looking up.

"What about him?" she whispered back admiring a boy several yards away leaning on the wall of the English block,

"No, Karen." I sighed as I  flicked to the next page after giving up.

"You haven't even looked!" she whined. I let out a frustrated sigh and turned around. He stood there with an irritating, arrogant confidence. With his arms folded over his chest and his short brown hair (that looked like it had been conditioned three times) blowing in the wind, he looked around the playground with pride in his eyes, like he owned the damn place. In my opinion he looked absolutely ridiculous with his little gang of friends surrounding him,

"What about him?" I said with no interest as I  twirled back round and started to read.

"He's fit!" she said dreamily,

"And...." she and jumped down  and sat next to me with a sigh tinged with a little anguish. For added effect there was a pout to sway me. I smiled back, not swayed in the least, "You know that doesn't work with me." I smiled writing down my notes.

"Come on, Poppy, you have never had a boy friend and your sixteen!" she moaned,

"So? Some ancient tribes in Africa lock away there teenage daughters until they're adults and they decide on a suitable husband." I said scribbling in my notebook,

"But were not in Africa, Poppy!"

"You're very observant today, Karen." I joked.

"Seriously, Poppy! I will get you with someone before we go into sixth form." I looked at her like she was stupid. "I will Poppy, just you wait!"

"Of course, Karen." I said getting up from the table as the bell rang for next lesson. There's nothing compared to the feeling when you know you've just been saved by Mr. Barnes and a science lesson.

The End

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