Learning to Heal

You cannot learn to heal yourself until you know what your spirit vibration feels like to you. You can find it in meditation by asking spirit to give you an experience of it. You can also think back over your life and remember when you felt truly happy, balanced and inspired. That is you.

I have been working with energy healing for a long time. I am always learning new things, and it never fails to amaze me. This is a gift to humanity from Spirit, an ability we were born with. We give up our power to people who tell us what is going on inside our bodies as if we have no control over it, but we do. I know 'energy medicine' is going to be normal for us in the future.

When we look back at this time in our linear history, our current medicinal practices will seem intrusive and barbaric. I am not saying I know everything, I am merely sharing some of my experiential wisdom with you. I am still learning along the way.

We are made up of vibrating energy. Your physical manifestation began with a blueprint in a higher frequency plane. That is the way illnesses begin, too. Even genetic illnesses have an energetic pattern that can be changed. The trick is to become aware of how to do this. The first thing to realize is that you have all the power within you to do this.

The energy flows, and I see the person do something like laugh, or offer her hands in prayer to me, or walk away in a beautiful scene that is special to that person. I know then that the person accepted the healing and that it is finished. I have no control over that flowing process, or healing. I just watch it happen.

The person does not have any conscious control over this flowing process either, but he/she feels the difference, and knows something just happened. My job is to stimulate that process.

What this means is that you have a divine blueprint for health. If you have some kind of illness, it is because you have a block in your awareness of something, and need to manifest it in the physical in order to become aware of it.

Think of the word 'dis-ease'. It suggests that we are out of ease with ourselves. When you become aware of the block, the disease goes away. This is another way of defining the process of healing. Are you beginning to see how important awareness in and of itself is?


Many people never become aware of what it is they are healing, but the body goes through a process of 'eating the energy' by getting sick, acting out whatever it is the person needs to experience, and then if the person 'gets the message', even if subconsciously, the body is free to heal. It is a way of doing energy housework in the body. If we do not release the tension through our breath, our conscious awareness, or other ways of releasing, we accumulate garbage.

The body finally takes over and gives the person a warning; the warning could be a headache, sore knee, or an aching back. If nothing happens, the body will manifest it more completely depending on what the issue is.

The way illness will manifest often has to do with the purpose of your mind and the spiritual symbolism behind body parts. For example, someone who is having issues with problem solving or powerlessness may have indigestion or bulimia . Or someone may have stiff legs because he/she is afraid of moving forward in life.

The End

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