Embers Past

Chapter 2


I could remember it all so clearly. Me and Shadow had walked home to the woods that night. We’d both been glad the great war was over. “We lost to a bunch of cats!” He’d grumbled. I’d giggled and nudged him. “Don’t tell the kids that!” We’d both burst out laughing. He’d had a terrible injury that day. Some cat had scarred his eye, making him blind in one eye. But he had still been beautiful to me. We’d walked into part of the trunk of the great oak where the kids slept…that had been where it had went pear shaped. My children had been laying there, dead. My puppies all looked liked skeletons. I’d put my nose to them. So cold. I’d stepped back, saying how could it of happened? Then Shadow lost it. He’d said it had been my fault, for fighting instead of looking after the kids. I’d said he told me to fight. Then he said he was going to leave, going to have another life, a real family. Oh how I’d cried…. And he really did leave. Why do I remind myself of this so often? Sighing, I let the real world take over my dreams. My nose filled with the scent of chicken, and the smell of cat. I opened one eye, then the other, and stretched lazily. I looked at the cat standing about a metre away. He was the pitch black one. The formal one. The leader. I didn’t remember his name. He nudged the chicken towards me. Smelled like it had berries inside. I cant deny that for a cat, he’d done a good job. “You hunted for me?” I asked. “That was a rheotorical question right? Otherwise you’re a bit stupid. Duh.” He answered blankly. So much for formal. I laughed under my breath. “Yeah, thanks. Now scram.” I saw him hiss. “My mate is trying to ‘be your friend’ and I didn’t get dragged all the way up here to find you telling me to scram!” I was a little shocked. Sparky. Cats could be sparky? I growled at him, he hissed back, then began washing himself. Hah, dum cat. I laughed and tucked into my dinner. When I had finished, I licked my lips. The black cat still stood there. I rolled my eyes. Time to drop the question. No I don’t mean propose! “What is your name?” I spat it a little. He woke from his trance. “Its Aaron. That’s Sir Aaron to you.” He meowed sarcastically. I rolled my blue eyes. Jeez. This kid was very, very sparky! “Hmph. Anyway, I know your mates name. Its Siam.” I grumbled. He stared at me, unblinking. “You remember my mates name, and you forget mine!” Actually I never forgot, I never knew. I didn’t tell him that though.

The End

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