Learning The Way Of The Tree

The war against cat and dog has become more vicious than ever. When Ember meets a tribe of cats living in a forest, she can't help but feel that theres more to this war than the pack leader reveals...


The black cat was flung against a wall. “Gragh!” The cats breath was knocked out of him. The huge black dog laughed under his breath. “Not dead yet?” The black cat got up and hissed. “Its gonna take a lot more than that to kill me!” The black dog laughed a loud, rumbling laugh. Then he stopped and his face grew serious. “He’s dead? After all that, he’s dead?” The black cat blinked in response, its orange eyes wide. “Who’s dead?” “The leader you idiot! He’s dead! I don’t belive it! And Shadows so terribly injured! I can’t believe it…a cat doing that much damage?” With that the black dog ran off into the rainy night. The cat followed. They arrived in the end of the alley, where it grew wider. A fence was at the back of the alley, and there were dustbins everywhere. All of them were tipped over. A dead dog lay in the middle of the clearing. A huge doberman covered in blood was panting next to it. “Thunderscar! No! You cant die!” The doberman howled. A husky appeared from nowhere. It was huge, and was growling under its breath. “How idiotic…a cat did this?” The doberman nodded. The black cat slunk under a dustbin to avoid being seen. Another dead dog was further up in the clearing. It was a cavilier. A husky and four puppies were screaming at it. “MARIE! WAKE UP!” “Mummy! WAKE UP!” The doberman hushed them with a growl. The black cat tensed. Something about that huge husky worried him. “Ah. Aaron why don’t you show yourself?” The husky growled. The black cat tensed, and stepped out. He was all black, and had marvelous orange eyes. The husky slit his eyes and smirked. “Follow me.” The husky leaped over the chainlink fence. Aaron climbed up and over. They arrived in another alley a little while away. Aaron hissed, and the husky laughed. “I know you, but you don’t know me. I am Shadow, and you are about to face your death! Gragh!” Shadow flung himself at Aaron. But he was prepared. His claws scraped the skin over and under the eye, and the eye itself. Shadow howled in pain and fell back. He had a scar over his eye. Aaron hurumphed happily, and fled into the night.  

Chapter 1


The night was quiet. Snow fell on the rooftops of the quaint town. Not a car drove past. I slid out of the dustbin with ease, fish in mouth. My tail twitched in annoyance. That stupid Yuki. “Siam? Where might Yuki be?” I asked in utter anoyance. My beautiful mate Siam slid out of her dustbin. “She’s searching elsewhere.” She answered in her sweet, goddess like voice. She was a beautiful Siamese. She had gleaming blue eyes and a gold collar with diamonds. I grumbled in response. My head was spinning. “Remind me again why we’re hunting for that dog as well as ourselves?” I spat. Lately a lone female husky had been living in Primose Hill near our meadow. Her name was Ember, and she was quite miserable. Siam however said she was in a state of deppression, and that we should hunt to gain her trust. I hadn’t exactly jumped at the idea, but I had been outvoted. Stupid Yuki. Stupid Twins. And slightly less stupid Siam. And yes, I do rant a lot. Siam sighed sweetly. “Dear, do you want her to turn on us? What if she attacks us - oh?” She cut herself midspeech, and turned to the darker side of the alley. I followed her gaze in alarm. But my nose betrayed my fear. It was just the twins who slid out. Hikaru and Kaurou were just as dumb as ever. But then I noticed someone patting alongside them. A tiny gold kitten with black spots followed them. She had the biggest Brown eyes I’d ever seen. They didn’t even need to say anything for me to figure it out. “A new pack member.” I said blankly. It wasn’t a question. The twins laughed and nodded. The tiny kitten mewed a scared mew and ran over to Siam. Gee. That girl really was a kitten magnet. Siam smiled and cooed. “Little kitten…don’t be scared…what is your name?” The kitten mewed again and answered shakily. “M-my name i-is P-Patch…no n-not P-Patch, its j-just Patch.” Siam rolled her eyes and cooed again. Patch cuddled up in her arms. I should have guessed the twins were up to something. “SHE MEANS OWL FACE!” They both burst out while laughing hysterically. Patch mewed and cuddled closer to Siam. Siams face was dead angry. “YOU!” The twins shut up. I rolled my eyes. I could guess what was coming next. “Please can she stay?” Siam asked, a pleading angel look on her face. I groaned. “How old are you?” I asked as nicely as I could manage. Patch blinked and took a deep breath. “6 months.” She answered. I nodded, but Siam gasped. “Where is your mother?” Patch cried a tear and mewed. “Mama died in the great war. Mama was the one who killed Thunderscar.” She said proudly. All of us stopped dead. Siams eyes slit. “Poor, poor love. Your mother was so brave, and so young. She lost her life saving millions. You shall grow up like her. Now, cuddle up close and we’ll take you to your new home.” I raised my eyebrows. Not that I’d said she could come. Ah well. That’s it for now I suppose.


We reached the edge of the city in 5 minutes. We hadn’t traveled far into the city at all. The huge black road that stretched between the city and the woods was terrifying to most urban animals. I recall that the humans call it a Motorway. Lots of cars went past usually, but only the occasional taxi now. I’d learnt a lot of human words in my old life as a housepet. But that’s the past now. Siam’s gaze was focused on the road. Her ears pricked up. All 6 of us we’re in exactly the same position. I was to cross first, with Patch dangling from my mouth. I listened carefully, and when all was clear, I stepped out onto the pitch black road. I dashed across, putting all my bodyweight into my paws. I was across in seconds. The others all followed. We all sighed in relief. 65th time, check. The forest ahead may have looked menacing to many, but not us. We stepped into the undergrowth without looking back. I put Patch down and we all padded along at a decent speed. The forest went on for 2 miles, and then there was a beautiful meadow, and beyond that was Primrose hill, and beyond that was Mt. Volaco. We had covered 1 mile and a half of the forest so far. Only Patch’s feet were hurting, the rest of us were quite content. She’d get used to it. I wondered how the rest of the pack were doing back home. We lived in the meadow. Siam was a nurse cat, and she had all her ‘medical equipment’ there. Our clan was made of me, Siam, Yuki, Twins, Butterfly, Tiger, Honey, and now Patch. There weren’t many of us. Siam, Butterfly and Honey were our nurses, and the rest were mainly hunters. I had no idea what to put Patch as until she was old enough to fight. 2 miles covered. We slid threw the bush that led to the meadow. I breathed in the sweet fragrance. Butterfly and Honey were treating Tiger. He was still suffering from eating posion Ivy. Poor guy. Siam licked Patch, and told her to go with Yuki to the bush where the non leaders slept. Yuki and Patch padded of to the far right of the meadow. My den was located in a rock in the middle of the meadow. The hospital was to the far left. Our pile of food was kept in the left part, and we were to groom ourselves over to the right. Siam hopped of to the hospital, and greeted the two nurses with nose nudges. I went to get some kill for myself. Fish? No. Chicken? No. Anythingpossiblywortheatinginthisrubbishpileoffood? Heck no. I sighed, and went to turn to my den, but stopped midturn. I had to take some kill to Ember. Great. I picked up the chicken, and padded of to the human gate leading to Primrose Hill. What was the point? No human ever came! I nudged the gate and walked up the path. The noise from the meadow died halfway up. I turned and looked. You could sure see a lot…I could see the meadow, the woods, the town, and a little bit of the river beyond that. I sighed, and countinued walking. I could now hear the snore of Ember. I put down the chicken and picked some blackberries of the bush. I teared of some of the chicken and stuck them inside. I picked it up and walked into the small clearing at the top of the hill. Ember lay sprawled across a rock. I blinked, and placed the chicken by her. Guess I was supposed to wait for her to awake…..

The End

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