Leafing through stories.

The trees were silent, but all knowing with the wisdom of innumerable age.

At the base of an oak, sat a creature, an odd looking creature, compared to the oak it was very young, the oak thought it was barely older then some of the oaklings nearby, two decades at most.

The odd creature was barely two saplings tall at it's highest, but now sitting still with it's back on the oak tree, it was but a sapling tall.

Though this odd creature, like all the rest of them had fur that changed over the seasons, in spring their furs were thicker and some thinner with mild colors, in the summer their furs were thin, colorful and light, in fall their furs were very much like the ones in spring, furs being thinner and some thicker, the winter furs being the thickest, darkest and heaviest. But unlike most other creatures, these would often shed their furs, as they did not seem to like to get them wet, but they would often keep some thin furs before going in the lake and regain the rest later, but many decades ago they would not have had any furs when they went in the lake. Perhaps at that time the water was warmer, or the creatures did not have any water furs, however when it rains the creatures have thicker furs. To the oak this seemed odd, "whether it comes from the sky or the ground, water is water" it thought.

These creatures liked to call themselves the Human's, which was useful, thought the oak, for the oddest of creatures must have a name by which to call them.

The oak new what was going on in the humans thinking part, because like all plants, the oak would share it's wisdom with young sproutlings, it knew if it rained someplace, if it was dry at an other place, if a tree had died, or if a sprout had just seen it's first ray of sunshine. However, the odd creatures did not think the same way plants did or even most other creatures, these thought in what seemed to the tree, silly concepts, thoughts of little importance,about things and emotions that were constantly being churned, but then there were those which did much without thinking at all, the tree found all this very silly, but that was perhaps because it did not understand, the oak knew it was a possibility, so it did it's best to learn and hopefully perhaps eventually understand.

It was still hard not to find them at least a little silly.

But the oak did not need to try to understand the thoughts of the little creature sitting at the base of the tree, it understood. They were thoughts about the basic understanding of the world in which all the living things lived in, thoughts that the oak had pondered upon, which perhaps even the grandfathers of the great grandfather of all trees would perhaps not have known the answers to.

The End

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