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I awoke to the presence of rot and death. The cold, hard earth vibrated underneath me. In the distance, a crow’s raucous cry echoed across the silent land. A slight breeze stirred tree branches. I moved my fingers, clenched my hand into a fist. It felt unnatural and my fingers were stiff and numb. When the feeling returned to them, they were painful. I repeated the process with my other hand, stirring the dust on the ground I lay on. I would of wondered where I was, why I was here, why my memory was blank, but I had more pressing matters to attend to. Like the fact I was not breathing.

I panicked for a second, forgetting how to breath, until my instincts forced me to inhale. The air raked it’s claws down my throat as it travelled to my lungs, resulting in vigorous coughing. Another breath caused just as much agony. My lungs almost rattled as the air hit them. A few moments of breathing later, the air came and passed more naturally, although it did still hurt. Was it the air itself that was hurting me, or the fact that my throat was scorched from the inside?

Once I had managed to breath, I retained from breathing through my nose, as the smell of decay hit me I was nearly sick, causing painful spasms to race through my body. Every single part of me ached.

After a while, I finally mustered enough courage to open my eyes. The first thing I saw was sand. It wasn’t exactly sand, more like dust. It was a reddy-orange colour. I was amazed. I’d forgot what colour looked like, being accustomed to darkness. I rolled over, ignoring the pains that shot through me like bullets. The light blinded me. I closed my eyes, a reflex, although it was slow. A few seconds or so slower than it should be. When, I opened them again, the shape of the sun was burned onto my retinas, but that didn’t bother me, not with the thousands of dead bodies surrounding me.

Men, woman, children, even babies. All shapes and sizes. I tried to stand, to get a better look, but I slipped in blood. I gritted my teeth against the pain that followed my every movement. It was worse this time, I’d used my hands to stop me falling, causing shock waves to travel up my arm. I tried again, cautious of the blood and my brittle legs. After a few painful attempts, I succeeded, although I wished I hadn’t.

What I thought was thousands reached more like millions. Not only people, but animals, too. I spotted the crow that I’d heard earlier. It was dead, It’s wings spread out and feet sticking up. It was lucky. Most of the animals here had severed limbs. I spotted the body of a man amongst the chaos. Just a body, no arms or legs or head. For the second time I was nearly sick, and I would have been, if I had anything to bring up. I mustn’t of eaten for weeks. My ribs were jutting out. Despite that, I felt no hunger, neither did I feel numb. It was more of a hollow type of feel.

I searched for… something, anything. There was nothing in the scene of horror, apart from bodies and a lone tree, stripped of leaves, well, almost. There was only one left. It swayed slightly in the breeze. I felt a slight fondness for it. I don’t know if I had went mad or if I was just being weird, but I did. It was a survivor, the only one left alive. Just like me.

It was then, as I was studying the tree, that I heard voices. Impossible!
 I turned, forgetting about the pain it would cause. I yelped, giving even myself a fright. The voices hushed. I tried to walk towards the voices, but slipped. Cursing, I picked my self up off the icy ground and steadied myself. The voices grew closer. Now I could make out what they were saying.
“Impossible! There can’t be anyone out here! We would of noticed! They would have been dead for months, and there is no way anyone can come back after that long.”
“It could have been an animal. No person would come here, but an animal would. We could eat it!”

I now saw the people talking. Two men, one with striking white hair and another one with long dark hair. They carried water bottles and both had a black rucksack. When they saw me, they froze. The dark haired man seemed to stand in a fighting position and the other one had his mouth wide open. I stared back at them, equally amazed. I was the first one to speak.
“Hello?” My voice sounded croaky. They both stayed in the same position, but then the dark haired one straightened up and slowly walked towards me.
“You can talk?” He asked.
“Do you know where you are?” Dark hair asked. I shook my head. The men looked at each other.
“Do you know who you are?” White hair asked.
“No… I don’t have any memories… I just woke up here… I was hoping you would tell me where I am…” I concentrated as I talked. Not a single memory. I sighed. “Definitely no memories.”
 Dark hair again exchanged looks with white hair.
“Ok, then. You are in the middle of nowhere. Dead bodies litter the streets of every city. Nobody is safe. This is the end of the world, and you’ve just come back from the dead.”               

The End

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