Le Mariage

When a Mary's parents die, she is sent to an orphanage, from there her life changes forever.

"Mary, will you get the carrots for me?"
That was my father, he's always asking me to get this and get that. I walked outside obidiently and collected the carrots from our little garden. We weren't rich 'but we aren't poor' as my mother always said. But i always believed we were the poorest of the poor. We always wore very dirty cloths and I didn't go to school. We made little money by selling the vegetables and fruits we grew in out petite garden.
"Mary! Where are the carrots, come on! This soup's going to boil over in a minute!"
"Sorry, father, I'm coming."
It was always like this in our house, back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes I wish something exciting would happen.

The next day at breakfast, mother looked a little pale.
"Mother, you look awfully pale. Would you like some water?"
"No, dear, I'm fine," she answered, but her voice seemed a little shakey.
"Father,"I whispered, "Look after mother while I go out to collect fresh vegetables."
By the time I got back, father had taken mother upstairs and she was in bed looking as pale and as frigile as a sheets of paper.
"Oh, mother, you look so ill, please, drink some water"

In the evening, mother was so ill that we had to call tfor the doctor. My mother was a good friend of his so we usually had it free. He came just whi;le we were making supper.
"Evenin' John, " he greeted my father.
My father just nodded. We walked upstairs in silence. When we arrived at the room that mother was lying in, the normally light faced doctor, took one look at mother and his face dropped instantly. We all knewthat this was serious. He held mother's hand as he said:" Graace, you've been ill for a short while but you will have to suffer if you wish to survive."
Father and I looked at eachother worryingly . Dr. Pearson must have sensed our state of unsureness fo he reassured us with his kind and gentle words.
"Oh, young little Mary, do not worry, your mother will be just fine."
i nodded and stared at the floor. While all this was happening, I had noticed a slight burning smell but decided to think nothing of it.

Minutes seemed like hours as Dr. Pearson checked mother slowly but very carefully. He concluded that it was typhiod fever. Iwas too young to understand what that was but I could tell it was serious by the look on everyone's face.

The End

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