The Narrator Speaks

[Curtains open, revealing NARRATOR at Center Stage. Lights dim]

NARRATOR: It began years and years ago. Our story begins with a peasant woman. A kind soul, she would give to the less unfortunate... even when she had almost nothing for her own. One day, when our story really begins, she found out she was to be a mother. As much as it hurt her, she had to refuse the people that came to her, asking for a little food. She knew she could barely afford to keep herself alive, let alone her child. She would offer shelter, still, but she could give nothing else. Then, once her child was born, she couldn't even give shelter. She had to turn away every downcast face, every hungry mouth that came to the door of her little hut. Her child was named Alexander, and grew quickly. His mother, often busy with other concerns, did not guide him much. Still, he became a very handsome young man, who would help his mother. Once grown, he set out to his own life, and began adventures that are still told today.

The End

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