Douleur, Crainte, et Yeux

Translated as; "Fear, Pain, and Eyes". All three of them have something to do with Addison. Born with the mental illness of being unable to become frightened or register physical pain; she feels it to be more of a curse. Until pretty girls in her neighborhood start to go missing, and their bodies are found with empty eye sockets; and Addison feels that perhaps this could be her chance to find the person responsible for this... Before they find her.


You know that feeling you get, when your legs get shaky, you get a cold sweat, your head is dizzy, and it feels like there's an explosion of little blue birds in the pits of your stomach? Most would describe that as fear, I suppose. Or Pain. 

Me? I wouldn't know. I can't feel either of them.

A gift, A curse, whatever you call it, it's there. I feel no fear, and I feel no pain. The doctors diagnosed it as a mental illness. My brain just can't register those feelings. And up until now, I was able to hide it. Up until now, I could disguise myself as a normal person. A very brave normal person, but normal none the less.

Then one girl was gone. Then another, then another.

And suddenly, I wasn't so normal anymore.

And it only got worse from there on out.

The End

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