May And Emma

Chapter 2

Emma was warm in her dad’s truck. Her mum was next to her, and her dad was driving. She twitched her nose to prevent her glasses falling. Her shoulder length red hair was tied in teddybear ears. Her brown eyes were focused on her book. She was on her way back from dad’s work. Mum would pick her up from school, and they would all go in the pizza van. Emma yawned and turned the page. “Tommy Whitslethwaits Adventure By Timmy Hugh” Was the title. Her mums long red hair was blowing in the open window, the cold air was being let in. “Hon, Close the window!” Mr. Robinson remarked. Mrs. Robinson closed the window. Emma was feeling quite bad inside. Today Tasha, Sasha, Ruby And Kay had teased her worse than ever. “Four Eyes! Redhead! Freckle Face! Geek! Nerd! Dictionary Hugger! Tree hugger! Teachers Pet! Hah hahahahahah!” They had chanted. As usual she would cling her book and sob. That made them laugh even more, especialy because she was so small and skinny, and got in an awful state when crying. Mrs. Eliansor would chase them away and take Emma inside to read. Emma would spend all of her play crying and reading. Dinnertime wasn’t much better. They’d laugh at the fact her lunch was only one sandwiuch. Her mum didn’t like overfeeding. Emma scratced her cheek. She was pretty sure her teddybear ears didn’t help. She was nervous of the car ride home in the rain. Her best friend May had recently been injured because her mum was going to fast and crashed. May had to be rushed to hospital, and she’d been there for 4 weeks. Emma would often visit and bring gifts. Usally books. May loved books. Especialy a good gore or horror, or the ocaisional romance. The book she’d brung yesterday was called: “The murder of Mitchie.” It was part of her favourite series, The murderer. There were only 6 more books to buy her before she had the whole set. Of course Clair Jones would probaly bring out another one. The Murderer was gore, horror and romance. Emma had been lent the first one, and after three chapters had been sick. May was out of the hospital soon. What was good about having her around is that she was really cool. The bullys all wanted to be her friend. But May never liked them, and hung around with Emma. Emma and May had been friends since the reception book club. Emma’s own genre of books was Fantasy and adventure. Her mum interupted her daydream. “Emma? Hows the book going?” Emma smiled. “I love it mummy!” Her dad sighed. “Its mum. Aren’t you a little old for mummy?” Her mum grabbed her and shook her head. “Never!” Emma smiled. “We’re almost at London, or home.” Her dad mumbled. Emma sat the rest of the way thinking about May. May-flower was her full name, but she was NOT a fan of that. “What am I a fly?” She’d remarked. When Emma got home she ran upstairs and jumped into bed. “I’m tired….” She muttered falling asleep. “Tired..”

The End

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