L'École des problèmes

Everyone at Ponderere's High Grammar School Is Normal, Except From Luna, Sally, May And Emma.
Luna's Mum Is Always With Her Drunken Father, Sallys Dad Just Can't Deal With The Pain Of Her Mothers Death, May's Recently Recovered From A Carcrash That Has Left Her Injured And Emma's Faced With Bullys Who Think She Is To School For Cool.
Can These Four Girls Work Out A Way To Help Eachother? And With A Very Important Exam ,New Totally Awesome Student To Deal With, And A New Teacher Coming Up, They

Chapter 1

Luna returned to an empty house yet again. She sighed, it had been a harrasing day at school. She hated half the teachers, and only had 1 friend.She knew very well why it was empty. Her stupid mother was probaly of with her drunk farther at the pub, drinking more and not coming home till 12. Not that it mattered, she was used to it. Except the fact that her Dad just lost his driving license and isn’t spending Christmas with her. She ran upstairs and chucked on a sweater, a skirt, some tights, and a wooly hat. “Brrr, Its So Cold..” She sighed again. She checked her cellphone. One new message from Sally. She opened the message. “Hi Luney, I’m so bored! Wanna come over and recite the piano? We have to learn that ‘Reverie’ By Tchsikovsky for the concert remember? Can’t wait to see you! xx” Luna smiled and rolled her eyes. One day, she was going to teach that girl how to text. She replied. “KK. B there soon. Can’t wait 2 c u! xx” She grabbed her music from her bookshelf. This song was very important to her. Her mother used to play it often, and she had taught her as soon as she turned 5. But that was 9 years ago. When she was 7 her farther met Bill, who took him for drinks. Them Mum started going, and they never cared for Luna again. She had been named Luna after her Grandma. That wasn’t her name, she had simply loved the moon. Luna remembered a something she had said. “The moon is a Diamond, cherie. It sparkles dosen’t it? Look at it now, sparkling like that! They’re always saying that its just a rock, those bloody scientists! Its so much more… The moon is a symbol. it’s the beauty of the world, the light that guides the lost souls to heaven, the symbol that shows all those unfortanuate the olden ways. You see Cherie, there is so much more to this moon than a rock. Everyone forgets the old ways, Science isn’t always right. No-body dreams anymore. The world is to realistic. There is no more wonder, no more fantasy, now there is only Truth, no more fiction. The world will end when there are only a load of clones who have no imangination. No-body will remember in the olden ways. We used to belive in Dragons, Mermaids, Vampires! Now they have so called “proof” they don’t exist. Well I’ll tell you cherie, I don’t want you to be cloned. You must carry on beliving, carry on wondering, for the world isnt always as it seems.” Those were her deathwords to Luna. Luna would recite them to herself at night. Science was also her least favourite subject. She ran down into the kitchen and out of the door, locking it behind her. Her sweater was knitted by her Grandma, and had a picture of the moon. It was glittery and light blue, like a diamond. Underneath was a dragon, a mermaid and a vampire. She walked two streets down to Sallys house. The curtains were black. The front door was black. The paint was grey. The bell was black. It was mourning, deep deep mourning. Sallys farther Mr. Flecther opened the door. He was wearing a black jumper and black joggers. His blonde hair was swept back. He moaned quietly. “G’day Luna…” Luna smiled and said brightly. “Good afternoon Mr. Flecther.” She walked into the house. It was as black as black could be. Photo’s hung in the hall of Sallys late mother. She looked just like Sally. Same long black hair, hazel eyes, and toothy grin. Luna however looked like her farther. Long brunette hair that was always ponytailed, and blue eyes. Sally came bounding down the stairs. She acted young for a 14 year old. She was wearing a black sweater with a white cat on It and black trousers. She grinned her toothy grin. “Wazzup?” She beamed. “Nothing..” Luna sighed. They walked into the room with the two grand pianos. Sally and her mother used to play together. There was a harp that Mr. Fletcher started playing. His face was as serious as ever, and his eyes were tearfull. “You’re the only bright thing in this whole darn house!” Sally said putting up her music and preparing her hands. Luna giggled and did the same. “What are you playing girls..?” Mr.Flecther moaned. “Reverie” Sally replied. “I’ll play my own made up part. 3...2..1” The music was beautiful. The harps magestic sound went perfectly with the grand piano’s magical sound. They were all out of breath after a hour of practice. “Phew! That was great!” Sally laughed. Luna agreed. Mr. Flecther however simply grunted. He checked the clock. It read 4.00 Pm. “I’m off to work.” He grunted again. He worked as a office worker. He nodded and stroked the harp. With that, he left the room.

The End

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